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NEMO team Stream 0 - Shared 2014 actions

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Configuration Manager


Wave Coupling

NEMO robustness

Action Brief description From PI
AGRIF-1 Investing in AGRIF expertise CNRS-2 Sébastien Masson
AGRIF-2 AGRIF+LIM3 CNRS-3 Simona Flavoni
AGRIF-3 AGRIF + time-splitting compatibility MERCATOR-4 Jérôme Chanut
Config. Manager
Config Man?-1 Improve first version - Lead working group MERCATOR 1 Julien Paul
ConfigMan-2 Participate to Config Manager working group INGV-5 - Paolo Oddo
Config Man?-3 Sponge layer at open boundaries UKMO-5 Dave Storkey
Config Man?-4 Vertical interpolation of open boundary inputs NOC-4 James Harle
System simplification
Simplification -1 Lead discussion on code simplification CNRS-0 Gurvan Madec
Simplification -2 unused options will be removed and the non-linear free surface as default option NOC-3 Andrew Coward
Simplification -3 Supress LIM2 once equivalent in LIM3 CNRS-3 Martin Vancoppenolle
Simplification -4 Improvements to 1d Configuration UKMO-8 Daley Calvert
Simplification -5 Improvements and Updates to OBS and ASM UKMO-13 Multiple
Simplification -6 Masked Damping UKMO-2 Tim Graham
Wave coupling
Wave-1 Wave-current interaction INGV-4 Emanuella Clementi
Wave-2 Inclusion of surface waves in NEMO Met-Office-18 Francois-Xavier Bocquet
NEMO robustness
Robust- 1 Testing, validation and commissioning of recent major changes NOC-2 Andrew Coward
Robust-2 Ocean global configurations for next ESMs CNRS-9 Claire Levy
Robust-3 NEMO model reliability INGV-2 Paolo Oddo
Robust-4 Comodo tests CNRS-7 Simona Flavoni
ROBUST-5 BDY and biogeochemistry CMCC-4 Tomas Lovato
Robust-6 Ensure CF compliance and availability of CMIP outputs UKMO3 Daley Calvert
Robust-7 CFL diagnostics UKMO-11 Rachel Furner
GMD Special Issue
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