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    33For each development branch to be committed in the trunk, following steps have been fullfilled: 
    65 * Branch has been validated regarding its new features in appropriate  way, and if possible tested on a CMIP6 like configuration or at least on  the ORCA2_LIM3 reference configuration (using vvl) 
    7  * SETTE tests passed:''' run and''' 
     6 * SETTE tests passed:''' run and''' 
    87 * Reviewer has approved 
    109Since the timing is tight and we need to check each step, changes in  the trunk will be made sequentially, and tested at each step. For a  given branch to be commited, sequnce should be: 
    1311 * Update the branch to head of trunk 
    3735=== SETTE : add one PI per institution === 
    3836=== All specific tests (add your below): === 
     37== '''3_6_STABLE release annoucement''' (draft) == 
     38Up to now, the stable NEMO release was 3_4_STABLE.[[BR]]From now on a new 3_6_STABLE release is available, cf. ! 
     40This release will be used by all CMIP6 experiments using NEMO (CERFACS, CMCC, EC_EARTH, Hadley Centre, IPSL)[[BR]]It includes all developments from 3_4_STABLE, i.e. 3_5, 3_6_beta, including the new XIOS IO system and some new features. 
     42'''Main new features''' (for details, see ! [[BR]]     •    Coupled interface for next IPCC requirements (multi category sea-ice, calving and iceberg module) [[BR]]     •    Runoff improved and SBC with BGC [[BR]]     •    Solar flux filtering at daily frequency to force BGC component [[BR]]     •    Major evolution of LIM sea-ice model (including LIM3 in mono category, i.e. similar to LIM2) [[BR]]     •    On line coarsening of ocean I/O[[BR]]     •    Ocean and ice allowed to be explicitly coupled through OASIS, using !StandAlone Surface module)[[BR]]     •    First steps of wave coupling [[BR]]     •    MPP optimisation [[BR]]     •    XIOS new IO system[[BR]]     •    Standard Fox Kemper parametrisation [[BR]]     •    Atmospheric forcing at land-ocean interface [[BR]]     •    Open boundaries: completion of BDY/OBC merge [[BR]]     •    Solved 2 time stepping issues[[BR]]     •    Faster split-explicit time stepping, Z-tilde ALE coordinates, implicit bottom friction [[BR]]     •    First version of Configuration Manager [[BR]]     •    Standalone OBS component and improvements in OBS&ASM [[BR]]     •    [[BR]] '''Features becoming obsolete:'''[[BR]]     •    LIM2[[BR]] '''Quick start guide''' available here: ! [[BR]] '''Validation:'''[[BR]]3_6_STABLE has been validated as usual :so-called  SETTE tests (restartability and reproducibility an each of the reference  configurations ([][ )] and appropriate validations of all new developments. Details on validation can be found here: 
     44'''WARNINGS:''' add here what remains to be tested, or still unsure, in this first revision of 3_6_STABLE, if needed 
     46'''Associated branches:''' to be done 
     48A  few associated development branches will remain aside, at least until  full validation. THose developement branches listed below will be kept  up to date with 3_6_STABLE. A project needing one or more of these  branches will have to 
     51 1. Extract 3_6_STABLE 
     52 1. Merge the needed development branch with 3_6_STABLE locally (see documentation here, to be done) 
     54List of assocated branches 
     57 * On line coarsening of biogeochemistry: ''add description and location''