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3_6_STABLE final sprint

Ongoing work

Date Description PI trunk rev. before commit SETTE before trunk rev. after commit SETTE after comments
ocean-ice through OASIS and coupled interfaces S. Masson
HPC LIM3 optimisations M. Castrillo
Bugfixes: please add yours below
10/06/2015ahmcoef now read in netcdf file instead of ascii file R. Bourdalle 5395ok5395ok ticket 1531
10/06/2015use IOF for geothermal file reading R. Bourdalle 5396ok5398ok ticket 1535
10/06/2015change fldread to allow reading of 4 dimensions files R. Bourdalle 5398ok5399ok ticket 1536
12 june Decide revision number for tests 5398
12-20 june Intensive tests (add yours below)
20 june Create and announce 3_6_STABLE

12-20 June: list of tests

SETTE : add one PI per institution

All specific tests (add your below):