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3_6_STABLE final sprint

Sequence of actions for each branch

For each development branch to be committed in the trunk, following steps have been fullfilled:

  • Branch has been validated regarding its new features in appropriate way, and if possible tested on a CMIP6 like configuration or at least on the ORCA2_LIM3 reference configuration (using vvl)
  • SETTE tests passed: run and
  • Reviewer has approved

Since the timing is tight and we need to check each step, changes in the trunk will be made sequentially, and tested at each step. For a given branch to be commited, sequnce should be:

  • Update the branch to head of trunk
  • Final test of the branch
  • merge branch with trunk: this should include documentation in reference manual….
  • SETTE test on new trunk
  • Commit new trunk
  • Send a mail to nemo_st to say you've finished (in order for the next branch to be able to start, see proposed agenda below)

Ongoing work

Date Description PI trunk rev. before commit SETTE before trunk rev. after commit SETTE after comments
ocean-ice through OASIS and coupled interfaces S. Masson
HPC LIM3 optimisations M. Castrillo
Bugfixes: please add yours below
10/06/2015 ahmcoef now read in netcdf file instead of ascii file R. Bourdalle 5395 ok 5395 ok ticket 1531
10/06/2015 use IOF for geothermal file reading R. Bourdalle 5396 ok 5398 ok ticket 1535
10/06/2015 change fldread to allow reading of 4 dimensions files R. Bourdalle 5398 ok 5399 ok ticket 1536
12 june Decide revision number for tests 5398
12-20 june Intensive tests (add yours below)
20 june Create and announce 3_6_STABLE

12-20 June: list of tests

Each System Team member is expected to contribute, tests to be done on the trunk after final bugifxes and before creation of 3_6_STABLE (revision to be confirmed here) on 12 June. All results to be summarized here:

SETTE : add one PI per institution

All specific tests (add your below):