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    2727|| HPC-3 || Suppress useless comms* || || Met Office || Tim Graham || 
    2828|| HPC-4 || Scalability with MPI-OPENMP || || CMCC || Silvia Mocavero || 
     29|| HPC-5 || Implement larger haloes || || NOC || Andrew Coward || 
    2930|| '''Config. Manager''' || || || || || 
    3031|| CONFIGMAN-1 || SIREN improvement and robustness || || MERCATOR || julien PAUL || 
    7879  [[BR]]                '''                    Status: '''     continuation of 2015 dev CMCC-1            [[BR]]                '''                   Main Tasks: '''   1. the activity started at the end of 2013 with the analysis of three OpenMP approaches (implemented using “mini-apps”) on several multicore architectures; the second step was the implementation of the hybrid version of the GYRE configuration using the best OpenMP approach. Results in terms of scalability were not so good. Thus, the porting and the analysis of the hybrid version (using “mini-apps”) on many core architectures (e.g. Xeon Phi) is needed, before extending the hybrid OpenMP/MPI approach to the entire code, in order to justify the effort of the development. This analysis is carrying out in 2015. The extension of the hybrid implementation on the entire code will depend on the results of this analysis. 2. analysis of scalability improvement using MPI3 new communications (e.g. collective neighbours communications), instead of point to point communications              [[BR]]                '''                    Science Reviewer:'''                                                            [[BR]]                                                            '''                    System Reviewer:'''                                                            [[BR]]                                                            '''                    Deadline:'''                    [[BR]]                                                            '''                    Priority:'''     HIGH               [[BR]]                                                            '''                    Depends on:'''    results of the same action in 2015             [[BR]]                                                            '''                    Principal Investigator : '''   Silvia Mocavero 
     81==== ''' '''HPC-5 / NOC - Implement larger haloes ==== 
     82'''                Motivation:''' Improving NEMO scalability. 
     84  [[BR]]                '''                    Status: '''     New implementation - old idea           [[BR]]                '''                   Main Tasks: '''       Investigate the benefits of using larger halo to reduce the communication frequency and hence improve performance and scalability. This is likely to be most influential in the barotropic time-splitting where it should be possible to emulate earlier solutions for the iterative solvers. Extension to the rest of the code will be considered subject to an impact assessment.         [[BR]]                '''                    Science Reviewer:'''                                                            [[BR]]                                                            '''                    System Reviewer:'''                                                            [[BR]]                                                            '''                    Deadline:'''                    [[BR]]                                                            '''                    Priority:'''     HIGH               [[BR]]                                                            '''                    Depends on:'''               [[BR]]                                                            '''                    Principal Investigator : '''   Andrew Coward 
    8086=== '''Configuration Manager''' ===