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CMCC-NEMO - 2016 actions

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Additional NEMO System members for the Specific Actions described here:

Name Institution % Position
Andrea Storto CMCC 0 Scientist

Summary: List here the actions NOT listed in SHARED ACTIONS

Action Brief description Status Branch name Trac ticket n° Wiki page name Reviewer(s) Review status
CMCC-3 BDY for nested limited area models Nadia Pinardi, James Harle

Summary of SHARED ACTIONS (listed here for continuity)

Action Brief description Status Branch name Trac ticket n° Wiki page name Reviewer(s) Review status Shared Action Stream
CMCC-1 Scalability with MPI-OPENMP on-going dev_r6519_HPC_4 #1726 2016WP/HPC-4_SilviaMocavero Tim Graham HPC-4
CMCC-2 Suppress Global Comms (mpp_sum etc) on-going 2016WP/HPC-1_SilviaMocavero Andrew Coward HPC-1
CMCC-4 BDY tool development and tests Jerome Chanut CONFIGMAN-2
CMCC-5 Remove key_bdy macro Completed dev_r6522_SIMPLIF_3 #1729 2016WP/SIMPLIF-3_BDY D. Storkey OK SIMPLIF-3
CMCC-6 Remove key_mpp_rep Completed dev_r6522_SIMPLIF_4 #1730 2016WP/SIMPLIF-4_MPPREP Gurvan Madec OK SIMPLIF-4
CMCC-7 Generalize bdy structure pending (need CMCC-5) C. Ethé ROBUST-5

CMCC-1 - Scalability with MPI-OPENMP

Motivation: Improving NEMO scalability. Status: continuation of 2015 dev CMCC-1
Main Tasks:

  • the activity started at the end of 2013 with the analysis of three OpenMP approaches (implemented using “mini-apps”) on several multicore architectures; the second step was the implementation of the hybrid version of the GYRE configuration using the best OpenMP approach. Some improvements to the implementation have been performed by Intel to match Intel architectures. During 2016, the extension of the hybrid implementation to the entire code is planned
  • analysis of scalability improvement using MPI3 new communications (e.g. collective neighbours communications), instead of point to point communications

Science Reviewer: Tim Graham
System Reviewer: Tim Graham
Deadline: December 2016
Priority: HIGH
Depends on: results of the same action in 2015
Principal Investigator : Silvia Mocavero (silvia.mocavero@…)

CMCC-2 - Suppress global communications

Motivation: Removing global communications could help improve the speed of NEMO
Status: Not started
Main Tasks:

  • code analysis to list all mpp_sum, mpp_max, mpp_min in the code, except those used in the initialisation phase and those used in the solver routines (that will disappear). Silvia Mocavero to investigate which communications could be safely removed. Tim Graham to look at a more efficient implementation of functionality in stp_ctl
  • discussion with NEMO_st to see what can be done to suppress the identified global communications
  • implementation of the solution.

Science Reviewer: Andrew Coward
System Reviewer: Andrew Coward
Deadline: June 2016
Priority: HIGH
Depends on:
Principal Investigator : Silvia Mocavero (silvia.mocavero@…)/Tim Graham

CMCC-3 - BDY for nested limited area models

Motivation: Improving nesting techniques for regional and sub-regional circulation models nested into coarser models
Status :
Main tasks : 1. Implementation of the generalised Flather’s condition for the barotropic component (Oddo & Pinardi, 2008); 2. Interpolation Constraint applied to total velocity field for preserving the transport conservation across open boundaries
Science Reviewer: Nadia Pinardi (University of Bologna & CMCC)
System Reviewer: James Harle
Depends on:
Principal Investigator : Stefania Ciliberti (stefania.ciliberti@…)

CMCC-4 - BDY tool development and tests

Motivation: Testing and assessing the pre-processing tool for the computation of boundary datasets compatible with BDY module for open boundary conditions
Status :
Main tasks : NERC will finish last improvement of the BDY tool and add some documentation, and CMCC will test the BDY tool on regional configurations
Science Reviewer: Jerome Chanut
System Reviewer: Jerome Chanut
Depends on:
Principal Investigator : Stefania Ciliberti (stefania.ciliberti@…) and James Harle (jdha@…)

CMCC-5 - Remove key_bdy macro (SIMPLIF-3)

Motivation: reduce the use of macros in NEMO
Status : Completed
Main tasks : Remove the macro activating the code for the open boundary treatment in favour of static code always present in compilation and activated only when bdy are required by the user configuration
Science Reviewer: D. Storkey
System Reviewer: D. Storkey
Deadline: 31-08-2016
Priority: high
Depends on: none
Principal Investigator : Tomas Lovato (tomas.lovato@…)

CMCC-6 - Remove key_mpp_rep (SIMPLIF-4)

Motivation: Set the use of MPI safe computation as a default
Status : Completed
Main tasks : remove the use of the macro key_mpp_rep and use as a default condition the MPI safe communications
Science Reviewer: Gurvan Madec
System Reviewer: Gurvan Madec
Deadline: 31-08-2016
Priority: high
Depends on: none
Principal Investigator : Dorotea Iovino (diovino@…)

CMCC-7 - Revise bdy structure (ROBUST-5)

Motivation: Generalise the structure of BDY schemes used by OPA and TOP
Status : on-going
Main tasks : Revise the code structure of available open boundary conditions in order to have generalised schemes in one place that can be used for either active and passive tracers (like e.g. for the advection)
Science Reviewer: C. Ethé
System Reviewer: C. Ethé
Deadline: 30-11-2016
Priority: medium
Depends on: CMCC-4 (SIMPLIF-3)
Principal Investigator : Tomas Lovato (tomas.lovato@…)