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    315315== Notes from meetings == 
     317=== 9 June 2016 === 
     319Attending: Mike Bell, Andrew Coward, Jason Holt, Hedong Liu  
     3211. Main points 
     3252. Actions 
     327A. Jason to seek agreement for Hedong to focus on W&D over the next few weeks  
     329B. Hedong to circulate links to the papers documenting the ROMS and POM WAD implementation 
     331C. Hedong to  
     333- transfer Andrew's tidally driven sloping channel test case on his system and reproduce Andrew's results 
     335- run with more output diagnostics (e.g. fluxes at faces) and diagnose the cause of the problem discussed at the meeting    
     337- compare the parameter settings Andrew used for the test case with those in the ROMS and POM papers and adjust them to match the previous work 
     339- implement the ROMS flux limiter as an option within his code and use it with the test case 
     341- turn off the barotropic update to the baroclinic updates and re-run the test case 
     343- run the test case with no bottom friction (as a sensitivity test)  
     345D. Andrew to send instructions to Mike and Jason on how to extract the WAD code from the NEMO source  
     347E. Mike and Jason to  
     349- produce a summary of the ROMS and POM WAD algorithms 
     351- read Hedong's code and write a first draft documentation for it    
     353F. Mike to write a summary of the meeting and do a Doodle poll for a phone meeting in about 3 weeks time