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    7373 [tf.textarea:description -id=piform -class=taform 'The objective of this development is the implementation of wave-current interaction processes according to the WAVE WG outcomes (see Wave-coupling WG wiki page ​ ).\nIn particular the following processes are included:\n*New Vertical Stokes Drift computation according to Breivik et al., 2014: “Approximate Stokes Drift Profiles in Deep Water”.\n*Vertical Turbulence: implement the Qiao (2010) formulation (works with all the vertical closure schemes).\n*Modification of the surface vertical velocity accounting for the Stokes Drift.\n*Computation of the Stokes-Coriolis Force.\n*Inclusion of the Stokes drift components in the tracer advection term.\n*Generalization of the surface boundary condition for momentum accounting for the wave effects.' 0 20] 
    7474=== Implementation === 
    75  [tf.textarea:implementation -id=piform -class=taform 'Describe flow chart of the changes in the code.\n\nList the .F90 files and modules to be changed.\n\nDetailed list of new variables (including namelists) to be defined.\nGive for each the chosen name (following coding rules) and definition.' 0 20] 
     75 [tf.textarea:implementation -id=piform -class=taform 'Modifications in namelist namsbc:\nln_wave: Acticvates coupling with waves\nln_cdgw: Neutral drag coefficient read from wave model\nln_sdw: Computation of 3D stokes drift\nln_tauoc: Activates ocean stress modified by external wave induced stress\nln_stcor: Activates Stokes Coriolis term\n\nModifications in namelist namzdf:\nln_zdfqiao: Activates enhanced wave vertical mixing Qiao (2010)\n\nModifications in nabsbc_wave  ! External fields from wave model\nsn_cdg\nsn_usd\nsn_vsd\nsn_swh\nsn_wmp\nsn_wnum\nsn_tauoc\n\nFlow chart of the changes in the code:\n1) Main differences are in sbcwave.F90:\n* Reads all the wave parameters needed for the coupling from an external wave model (Zonal and Meridional Surface Stokes Drift, Mean Wavenumeber, Significant Wave Height, Mean Wave Period, Neutral Drag Coefficient, Normalized stress into the ocean)\n* Computes the 3D and Vertical components of the Stokes Drift according to Breivik et al., 2014 (upgrade with respect to monochromatic approximation)\n\n2) sshwzv.F90 : Modification of the Surface vertical velocity accounting for the Stokes Drift\n\n3) traadv.F90 : Modification of the tracer advection due to the Stokes Drift\n\n4) sbcmod.F90 : Surface boundary condition for the momentum\n\n5) dynstcor.F90 : Add Stokes-Coriolis forcing to horizontal momentum equation\n\n6) zdfqiao.F90 (new) : compute QBv = Qiao terms to be added to vertical eddy diffusivity and viscosity coefficients' 0 20] 
    7676=== Reference manual and web pages updates === 
    7777 [tf.textarea:manual -id=piform -class=taform 'Using part 1 and 2, define the summary of changes to be done in the NEMO reference manual (tex files), and in the content of web pages.' 0 20]