2017 Workplan

NEMO is a shared, sustainable, and state-of-the-art software for research and operational oceanography. Its development is defined in a yearly workplan.
Since 2014, the long term evolution is designed in the NEMO Development Strategy document.

The next 2 sections describe the 2017 workplan.

Shared Actions

Shared Actions contains the workplan's core: the development priorities for all NEMO consortium's institutions which are expected to be directly related to the long term goals.


Configuration Manager




Wave Coupling

Specific Actions

Specific Actions contains the other planned developments for the year, as agreed by all consortium members

CMCC actions

CNRS actions

INGV actions

Mercator Océan actions

Met_Office actions

NOC actions

      Add an action

      Append your action(s) to the list by initiating 2 resources to track and archive your development work:



      To create a new page, you'll need to log in or create an account first.

      Reminder for wiki page name: '{WG or INSTITUTE}-{NUM}_{PIS}-{KEYWORDS}'

      This page will permit to follow the ongoing work through different steps for explanation Please follow carefully the following indications:

      • Create review page from the root page of the yearly workplan wiki/${YEAR}WP
      • Once this last page is created, you do not need to edit it like a typical wiki page to complete the requested fields: just complete the fields in the writeable areas and click on "Submit" button at the end of the section to save your additions
      • Editing the page is only needed if your want to add some fields in the page. Activate the "side to side" button on top right of the page to facilitate this first edit and do not switch to 'wyziwig' view mode
      • The wiki page will describe:
        • Purpose, motivation and main tasks of the action
        • PI(S) & (P)Reviewer(s) name(s)
        • Detailed implementation plan: scientific, technical and an expected summary of changes for NEMO reference manual to be written later.
        • Detailed list of specific tests, see below
        • (P)Review status

      to gather the group discussion. The form should set few fields ('Type': 'Development' and 'Milestone' to current WP) but others fields have to be set in a appropriate way:

      • 'Cc': add email(s) of people outside NEMO ST for further notification.
      • 'Component': the area the change is being targeted for.

      The other fields in the ticket (e.g. 'Priority', 'Keywords') should also be set appropriately.

      Once the wiki page is completed by PI (detailed implementation plan), the PI will submit it to Previewer. The Previewer will discuss with PI to reach full agreement on detailed implementation plan (in a maximum of 2 weeks starting when PI submits wiki page to Previewer).
      The PI is responsible to give all requested details.
      The Previewer is responsible to check with all experts that implementation plan is indeed correct and compatible with the other developments going on in parallel during the year. Objective is to avoid the need for a full rewriting at the end (which did happen sometimes previously)

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