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CNRS 2017

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Additional NEMO ST members involved

Name Institution % Position
Martin Vancoppenolle CNRS LOCEAN-IPSL, Paris 10 CNRS
Laurent Debreu IMAG, Grenoble 0 INRIA, AGRIF Working Group Leader
Marie-Alice Foujols IPSL, Paris 0 CNRS
Rachid Benshila LEGOS, Toulouse 0 CNRS

Summaries from Actions forms

Action CNRS-1_Martin-LIM3PTRA Add generic passive tracer to LIM3
PI(S) Martin Vancoppenolle


In order to prepare a Biogeochemical compartment in sea ice, a generic passive tracer interface will be added in LIM3

Dependencies Depends on …
Target Priority or deadline
Trac Ticket #XXXX
SVN branch [source:/branches/2017WP/dev_r{REV}_{WG or INSTITUTE}-{NUM}_{PIS}-{KEYWORDS}]
Previewer(s) Names
Reviewer(s) Names
Status Pending/In progress/Postponed/Ready

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