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INGV 2017

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Additional NEMO ST members involved

Name Institution % Position
Gelsomina Mattia INGV 10

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List of pages: INGV-1_Mattia_Test_Mediterranean

Action INGV-1_Mattia Test Mediterranean
PI(S) Gelsomina Mattia ; Emanuela Clementi


Test the wave-current interaction processes in the Mediterranean Sea coupled with WW3. Evaluate single process impact on the hydrodynamic fields. Propose possible modifications and enhancements. This action doesn’t require a development and a branch to be created, it is an activity supporting WAVE couling development

Dependencies Depends on WAVE-1 and WAVE-2
Target Deadline: December 2017
Trac Ticket #XXXX
SVN branch branches/$YEAR/dev_r{REV}_{WGorINSTITUTE}-{NUM}_{PIS}-{KEYWORDS}
Previewer(s) Names
Reviewer(s) Names
Status Postponed

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