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Met Office 2017

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Additional NEMO ST members involved

Name Institution % Position
Matt Martin Met Office 20
Miroslaw (Mirek) Andrejczuk Met Office 50

Summaries from Actions forms

List of pages: Met_Office-1_Matt Martin_avgoperator, Met_Office-1_Mirek_XIOSread

Action Met_Office-1_MattMartin_avgoperator
PI(S) Matt Martin


Add an averaging operator to OBS operator for use with satellite observations, include SSS data type, change the way QC flags are set, and deal with boundaries in limited area models.

Target NEMO 4.0 merge party
Trac Ticket #XXXX
SVN branch branches/2017/dev_r8657_UKMO_OBSoper
Previewer(s) Arthur Vidard
Reviewer(s) Arthur Vidard
Status In progress

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Action Met_Office-Mirek_XIOSread
PI(S) Miroslaw Andrejczuk (Mirek)


As the number of cores in NEMO increases parallel reading of single netcdf files (e.g. restarts, forcing, observations) is becoming increasingly slow.
This action will test the use of XIOS for reading these input files. This ticket will document development related to reading restart file only.

Dependencies XIOS development. Currently the number of NEMO CPUs which can be used when reading data via XIOS is limited to 3700
Target Major
Trac Ticket #1953 and #1962
SVN branch [source:/branches/2017/dev_r8600_xios_read_write_v2
Previewer(s) Names
Reviewer(s) Names
Status Postponed

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