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     1= Status of work on dev_merge_2017 branch = 
     5Last edition on '''[[Wikinfo(changed_ts)]]''' by '''[[Wikinfo(author)]]''' 
     8[[PageOutline(3, , inline, unnumbered)]] 
     10The 2017/dev_merge_2017 branch has been created by merging all the 2017 developments during Merge party in Exeter. 
     11This branch is expected to be back into the trunk as the prelimnary version of future NEMO release as soon as possible in 2018. 
     12This page allows developer to share information and results on the on going testing work on this branch. 
     14''For each new subject, please follow format below for its title : 
     15== Date : Subject Title 
     16''and add SOLVED in the title when it is done.'''' 
     18== 11 January 2018: pb with dynspg_ts (time splitting) 
     19Clément Rousset thinks there might have been a problem during merge of developments with dynspg_ts: looks like drag is computed twice so that energy is wrong and too big. This may be the reason for the crash of ORCA2 configuration for now after 200 timesteps (so that is is not seend through SETTE tests sopping after 150 timesteps! 
     20Could Jérôme have a look at this? 
     22== 11 January 2017 : AGRIF not restartable nor reproducible for now with sea-ice 
     23Clément Rousset and Simona are working on it, building a test case for that. It is an important issue to solve at first.