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    8888- Clarify the use of complex conjugate in some places of the code. At least this option should be suppressed for boundary data files as it is a recurrent source of error. 
    8989- Clean the bdytide module. There are useless routines. I think that one used to set tidal open boundary data at each barotropic time step, which made things more complex.  
     91=== Reply to previewer's comments 
     93The previewer's comments concern the implementation of the lateral tidal boundary conditions in module `bdytides` (source:/NEMO/trunk/src/OCE/BDY/bdytides.F90) and include valuable suggestions that would improve the proposed action. The original proposed revision of module `bdytides` solely includes adaptations required to accommodate modifications proposed to be made elsewhere, but neither includes a substantial modification of the module's functionality nor changes the format of tidal boundary-condition input data. 
     95The previewer suggests to suppress the option to internally replace the tidal boundary condition by its complex conjugate. This would both simplify the implementation and reduce the risk for configuration errors. If required, such conversion can be included in the preparation of the input data. In addition to the simplification suggested by the previewer, module `bdytides` could be further reduced by removing the optional extraction of the tidal boundary condition along boundary segments from two-dimensional data fields, which, if required, can also be included in the external preparation of the tidal boundary-condition input files. Therefore, the list of specific proposed modifications is extended to include: 
     97 j. the suppression of the optional conversion of tidal input data to its complex conjugate in module `bdytides` (including the removal of namelist parameter `ln_bdytide_conj`); 
     101 k. the suppression of support for the alternative two-dimensional boundary-condition input data format and of the associated extraction of the tidal boundary condition along boundary segements from such two-dimensional input data (including the removal of namelist parameter `ln_bdytide_2ddta`). 
     103The previewer also suggests to clean module `bdytides` from redundant source code. A review of the source code related to module `bdytides` suggests that subroutine `bdytide_update` is redundant (subroutine `bdy_dta` in source:/NEMO/trunk/src/OCE/BDY/bdydta.F90 includes a section with a call of subroutine `bdytide_update`, but since the current trunk model version never calls `bdy_dta` with the optional argument `jit`, the code in this section seems to be redundant). Therefore, the list of specific proposed modifications is further extended to include: 
     105 l. the removal of both the redundant subroutine `bdytide_update` of module `bdytides` and a section of redundant source code in subroutine `bdy_dta` of module `bdydta` (lines 230 to 287, which contain a call of subroutine `bdytide_update`). 
     107Further, the proposed action is extended to include an update of the NEMO manual to reflect the modifications of the model that result from this action. 
    90109== Tests