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     7== '''History''' == 
     8Until end of 2015,  the PI if a given development action was expected to develop the code and its documentation in a development branch, to go through the different validation steps, and to submit it at the end to a reviewer, the positive answer of the review being a prerequisite for a merge into the NEMO reference. [[BR]]Since Merge Party meeting end of 2015, the process has been changed to a more efficent and reliable process, in order to avoid disagreement and a lock at the review step. The sequence described below is presently to be followed for each development of the NEMO System Team's workplan. 
    710'''A brief overview of the process is given below:''' 
    9  1. !''Plan your change!''' 
    10  1. !'''Create a Ticket!'''. The ticket is used to document the change and review status. 
     12 1. Workplan content: Each development action is expected to be described in the yearly workplan 
     13 1. Detailed description of tasks and Preview step 
    1114 1. !'''Create a Branch!'''. The branch is a copy of the code that will be used to develop your change. 
    1215 1. !'''Develop your Change!'''. Checkout your branch base code, develop and commit changes to your branch. 
    1720Merging back with the trunk is not described here. 
    19 == Plan Your Change == 
    20 A discussion at an early stage with the NEMO Systems team/code owners should help make sure your change is viable, desirable and as easy as possible. 
     22== Workplan content == 
     23The yearly workplan is discussed within System Team, submitted to Developer's Committee, and approved by Steering Committee. It must include, for each development action, its motivation, status, main tasks so as a PI name, and a previewer (which will also be the reviewer) name. If needed, previewer can be divided into a "Science Previewer" and a "System Previewer". The name of Previewer should be added only once he did accept the task, and before submission of workplan to Developer's Committee.[[BR]] 
    22 == Create a Ticket == 
    23 When a code change is being planned a ticket should be created describing the purpose of the change. The other fields in the ticket (e.g. Priority, Milestone, Keywords etc) should also be set appropriately. 
     25== Detailed description of tasks and Preview step == 
     26Once the workplan has been approved, the code development is planned. The PI should 
     28 * create a ticket to start the work. This ticket will describe the purpose of the action, so as Pi and Previewer name. 
     29 * Create an associated wiki page using the template (to be created). This wiki page will permit to follow the ongoing work through different steps. The wiki page will be linked to the ticket. 
     31The other fields in the ticket (e.g. Priority, Milestone, Keywords etc) should also be set appropriately. 
    2533 * The !''milestone!'' field should be set to the area the change is being targeted for. 
    2634 * The ticket !''type!'' field should be set to "development branch" 
    2735 * Associated wiki page should be created by including the markup !wiki:ticket/xxxx (where xxxx is your ticket number) in your ticket and then following the link. 
    28  * The ticket should be assigned to the code developer at this stage. 
     36 * The ticket should be assigned to the code developer and the previewer at this stage. 
     38The wiki page will describe: 
     40 * Purpose and associated action number on workplan 
     41 * Motivation 
     42 * Status 
     43 * Main tasks 
     44 * Pi name 
     45 * Previewer(s) name 
     46 * Detailed implementation plan (scientific and technical): this is also expected to be used as summary of changes to NEMO reference manual to be written later 
     48Once the wiki page is completed by PI (detailed implementation plan), the PI will submit it to Previewer. The Previewer will discuss with PI to reach full agreement on detailed implementation plan (in a maximum of 2 weeks starting when PI submits wiki page to Previewer). 
    3050== Create a Branch ==