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Good Practices

Set up a proper development environment once and for all

Obviously each developer can have its own working approach for developing the NEMO code, however we recommend to download and run this script to install a clean and minimal working copy with everything you need to start your development and to support the NEMO reference.
Actually it will download from the SVN repository a working copy of NEMO root directory but only in terms of the very first paths in depth, you will have NEMO/branches and NEMO/releases with empty subfolders. Only the trunk (NEMO/trunk) and the last NEMO release (NEMO/releases/release-X.X) will be entirely downloaded.

Manage SVN externals according to your needs

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## To repeat for each development branch
## Create your development branch locally
svn copy trunk[@${PEGREV}]    branches/$year/'dev_r'${PEGREV}_${NameOfNewBranch}
## If needed, edit the external references (${SVN_EDITOR} env. variable must be set)
svn pedit svn:externals       branches/$year/'dev_r'${PEGREV}_${NameOfNewBranch}
## Then push it to the repository
svn commit [-m 'log message'] branches/$year/'dev_r'${PEGREV}_${NameOfNewBranch}

cd branches/$year/'dev_r'${PEGREV}_${NameOfNewBranch}

## Download sette tool to validate your changes to the NEMO reference
svn co
## Doc figures for building NEMO manual (not mandatory)
svn co  ./doc/figures