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Working on tickets

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The ticketing system for NEMO is quite active with about 160 ticket opened per year (reporting of last 12 months).

It is quite important to keep the ticketing system up to date, and thus to work on closing the tickets (with or without an associated commit) in an acceptable delay. This implies that all NEMO ST members and hopefully other developers (see list of involved developers/contributors) contribute to this work on a regular basis. This page describes the associated workflow and the responsibilities of each expert in these tasks.

Role and tasks of experts

Following the list of tickets and accepting some assignments

The list of open tickets needing some additional work is available here (where "Development branch" and "task" types have been excluded).

Each relevant ticket should be assigned to an expert, meaning that only actually new tickets should appear with "new" status, whereas all others should appear as "assigned".

Each expert is requested to check regularly the list of open tickets in order to:

  • accept some assignments which are relevant to his expertise or good will
  • propose assignments for newly created tickets

In fact, to have an up-to-date ticketing system, there should be nearly no tickets under "new" status, and each expert should have a few (more than one…) tickets assigned to him/her.

Accepting assignments is indeed important in order to share a clear view on the list of tickets remaining to be taken in account.

Workflow for a given ticket


Once an expert has accepted the assignment, the following items should be completed:

  • in the ticket, describe the chosen answer(s)
  • if some changes or fixes are to be committed in the NEMO reference, those should be tested before commit, including full SETTE tests in debug mode
  • in the comments of commit, do not forget the associated ticket number
  • check where commits are relevant (maybe at least 2 places: in the shared users version (3_6_STABLE for now) and in the trunk (version under development)
  • when tasks are completed, close the ticket

Current list of NEMO developers/contributors

User Name Email Role Office
acc Andrew Coward Officer NERC
agn George Nurser Developer NERC
alexwestmohc Alex West Developer Met_Office
alistairsellar Alistair Sellar Developer Met_Office
anaguiar Ana Aguiar Developer Met_Office
andmirek Mirek Andrejczuk Developer Met_Office
aumont Olivier Aumont Contributor External
ayoung Amy Young Developer Met_Office
cbricaud Clement BRICAUD Developer Mercator_Ocean
cetlod Christian Ethe Developer CNRS
cguiavarch Catherine Guiavarch Developer Met_Office
charris Chris Harris Developer Met_Office
clem Clement Rousset Developer CNRS
clevy Claire Levy Developer CNRS
clne Clare O'Neill Developer Met_Office
cmao Chongyuan Mao Developer Met_Office
csanchez Claudio Sanchez Developer Met_Office
dancopsey Dan Copsey Developer Met_Office
davestorkey Dave Storkey Developer Met_Office
dbruciaferri Diego Bruciaferri Developer Met_Office
dcarneir Davi Carneiro Developer Met_Office
deazer Enda O'Dea Developer Met_Office
dford David Ford Developer Met_Office
dguibert David Guibert Contributor External
diovino Dorotea Iovino Officer CMCC
djlea Daniel Lea Developer Met_Office
emalod eric maisonnave Contributor External
emanuelaclementi Emanuela Clementi Developer CMCC
emmafiedler Emma Fiedler Developer Met_Office
epico Italo Epicoco Developer CMCC
erwanraffin Erwan Raffin Contributor External
flemarie Florian Lemarie Contributor External
francesca Francesca Mele Developer CMCC
frrh Richard Hill Developer Met_Office
girrmann Gaston Irrmann Developer CNRS
gm Gurvan Madec Developer CNRS
gsamson Guillaume Samson Officer Mercator_Ocean
hadcv Calvert Daley Developer Met_Office
hadjt Jon Tinker Developer Met_Office
hadlh Leon Hermanson Developer Met_Office
jamesharle James Harle Developer NERC
jcastill Juan Castillo Developer Met_Office
jchanut Jerome Chanut Developer Mercator_Ocean
jenniewaters Jennie Waters Developer Met_Office
jonnywilliams jonnywilliams Contributor External
jpalmier Julien Palmieri Developer NERC
jpaul Julien Paul Developer Mercator_Ocean
jsterlin Jean Sterlin Contributor External
jwhile james while Developer Met_Office
kingr Robert King Developer Met_Office
kuniko Kuniko Yamazaki Developer Met_Office
laurent Laurent Brodeau Contributor External
ldouriez louis douriez Contributor External
lovato Tomas Lovato Developer CMCC
malcolmroberts Malcolm Roberts Developer Met_Office
marc Marc Stringer Developer Met_Office
mathiot Pierre Mathiot Officer External
mattmartin Matt Martin Developer Met_Office
mcastril Miguel Castrillo Contributor External
mdrudi Massimilano Drudi Developer CMCC
mikebell Mike Bell Developer Met_Office
mocavero Silvia Mocavero Developer CMCC
nemo Administrator
niall Niall Mcconnell Developer Met_Office
nicolasmartin Nicolas Martin Developer CNRS
ohernandez Olga Hernandez Developer Mercator_Ocean
orioltp Oriol Tintó Contributor External
pbarriat Pierre-Yves Barriat Contributor External
pdavis Philip Davis Developer Met_Office
petesykes Peter Sykes Developer Met_Office
phuot Pierre-Vincent Huot Contributor External
rblod Rachid Benshila Contributor External
rbourdal Romain Bourdalle-Badie Developer Mercator_Ocean
rlod Renaud Person Developer CNRS
rrenshaw Richard Renshaw Developer Met_Office
sciliberti Stefania Ciliberti Developer CMCC
smasson Sebastien Masson Officer CNRS
smueller Simon Mueller Developer NERC
stefryn Stefanie Rynders Developer NERC
stephenhaddad Stephen Haddad Developer Met_Office
techene Sibylle Techene Developer CNRS
timgraham Tim Graham Developer Met_Office
tsearle Toby Searle Developer Met_Office
vancop Martin Vancoppenolle Developer CNRS
wayne_gaudin Wayne Gaudin Contributor External
Members count: 85