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Reference publications for citations

List of references to be quoted in all publications using NEMO

For latest release 3.6





'NEMO Ocean Engine'
Gurvan Madec, and the NEMO team (2008)

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Aumont et al. (2015)

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  • Vancoppenolle et al. (2009)
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  • Rousset et al. (2015)
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Vidard et al. (2015)

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Previous releases

Former Ref. manuals

LIM3 sea-ice model

LIM2 sea-ice model


Vancoppenolle M., Bouillon S., Fichefet T., Goosse H., Lecomte O., Morales Maqueda M.A., and Madec G., 2012 :" LIM The Louvain-la-Neuve sea Ice Model", Note du Pole de modélisation, Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace (IPSL), France, No 31 ISSN No 1288-1619.

  • Fichefet and Maqueda (1997) [1]
  • Goosse and Fichefet (1999) [2]

Estublier, A., et M. Lévy, 2000: "Quel schéma numérique pour le transport d'organismes biologiques par la circulation océanique", Note Techniques du Pôle de modélisation, Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace (IPSL), 81pp.

Users bibliography

Find an up-to-date NEMO publications database from scholarly archives extractions (ADS, CORE, HAL, …) and submissions by our users:

GMD Special Issue

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Reference Manuals on-line (HTML)

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Other NEMO documentations


[1]T. Fichefet and M.A.M. Maqueda, "Sensitivity of a global sea ice model to the treatment of ice thermodynamics and dynamics," Journal of geophysical research: oceans, vol. 102, (C6), pp. 12609–12646, 1997. Full-text.
[2]H. Goosse and T. Fichefet, "Importance of ice-ocean interactions for the global ocean circulation: a model study," Journal of geophysical research: oceans, vol. 104, (C10), pp. 23337–23355, 1999. Full-text.

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