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$YEAR Workplan

NEMO is a shared, sustainable, and state-of-the-art software for research and operational oceanography. Its development is defined in a yearly workplan.
Since 2014, the long term evolution is designed in the NEMO Development Strategy document.

The next 2 sections describe the $YEAR workplan.

Shared Actions

Shared Actions? contains the workplan's core: the development priorities for all NEMO consortium's institutions which are expected to be directly related to the long term goals.

AGRIF \\(''!`$YEAR`WP/AGRIF-*'') Configuration Manager \\(''!`$YEAR`WP/CONFIGMAN-*'') Enhancement \\(''!`$YEAR`WP/ENHANCE-*'') HPC \\(''!`$YEAR`WP/HPC-*'') Robustness \\(''!`$YEAR`WP/ROBUST-*'') Wave Coupling \\(''!`$YEAR`WP/WAVE-*'')

              Specific Actions

              Specific Actions? contains the other planned developments for the year, as agreed by all consortium members

              CMCC actions? \\(''!`$YEAR`WP/CMCC-*'') CNRS actions? \\(''!`$YEAR`WP/CNRS-*'') INGV actions? \\(''!`$YEAR`WP/INGV-*'') Mercator Océan actions? \\(''!`$YEAR`WP/Mercator_Ocean-*'') Met_Office actions? \\(''!`$YEAR`WP/Met_Office-*'') NOC actions? \\(''!`$YEAR`WP/NOC-*'')

                          Overall status

                          'Type: Task'
                          'Milestone: $YEAR WP'

                          Ticket Summary Owner
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                          Add an action

                          See the instructions page to learn how to implement a development work in NEMO.

                          Append your action(s) to the list by initiating 2 resources to track and archive your development work: a wikipage to describe and follow the ongoing work through different steps, and a ticket to gather the group discussion and monitor the overall workplan progress.

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                          • Action name pattern: {INSTITUTE for specific actions, STREAM or WORKING_GROUP for shared actions}-{action number}_{PI(S)}-{keyword(S)}
                          • Ticket
                            • Default properties: 'Type: Task' and 'Milestone: $YEAR WP'
                            • Custom fields 'Workplan status' & 'Comments' will be queried to display the actions status table
                            • 'Cc': add users or email(s) for further notification.
                            • The other fields in the ticket (e.g. 'Priority', 'Keywords') should also be set appropriately.