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$YEAR Workplan

NEMO is a shared, sustainable, and state-of-the-art software for research and operational oceanography. Its development is defined in a yearly workplan.
The long term evolution is designed in the NEMO Development Strategy document.

The next 2 sections describe the $YEAR workplan.

Shared Actions

Shared Actions? contains the workplan's core: the development priorities for all NEMO consortium's institutions which are expected to be directly related to the long term goals.

AGRIF Air-Sea interaction HPC Kernel Publication SI3 TOP Enhancement

                  Specific Actions

                  Specific Actions? contains the other planned developments for the year, as agreed by all consortium members

                  CMCC? CNRS? Mercator? UKMO? NOC?

                            Overall status

                            Ticket Summary Owner Progress
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                            Add an action

                            Append your action(s) to the list by initiating 2 resources to track and archive your development work: a wikipage to describe and follow the ongoing work through different steps, and a ticket to gather the group discussion and monitor the overall workplan progress.

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                            See the instructions page to learn how to implement a development work in NEMO.