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Developer's Committee meeting Tuesday 3 July 2018

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Proposed agenda

The usual mid-year videoconference meeting of Developer's Committee will take place on 3 July afternoon.

The expected participants to this meeting are the members of Developer’s Committee: Consortium and External experts, so as the leaders of each NEMO Working Group, and the NEMO System Team members as permanent invitees.

Please find below a preliminary agenda (for which all suggestions welcome):

Proposed agenda:

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Connection to the conference
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GDS	+33 (0)9 88 83 00 07 726984
SIP	sip:726984@
Conference number	726984 (end by #)
Access code	8099 (end by #)
Title	NEMO DevCom
Begin	2018-07-03 14:00 Europe/Paris
Duration	03:00
Number of estimated connections	17
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room 9999
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List of participants

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Claire Lévy Project manager Paris LOCEAN 4ème étage

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