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    1010'''The usual end of the year meeting of Developer's Committee will take place on Wednesday 23 January  2019 afternoon (2:00 - 5:00) in Grenoble.''' [[BR]][[BR]] 
    11 The expected participants to this meeting are the members of Developer’s Committee: Consortium and External experts, so as 
     11The expected participants at this meeting are the members of Developer’s Committee: Consortium and External experts, including 
    1212the leaders of each NEMO Working Group, and the NEMO System Team members as permanent invitees.  
    1616Chair: Mike Bell 
     18It’s about 18 months since we met in Barcelona to agree the NEMO Development Strategy for 2018-2022. Since then there has been a lot of progress and quite a number of proposals for EC funding have been approved. This meeting of the NDC is a good opportunity to review progress against the objectives defined in the strategy, summarise what work is currently planned and identify any major gaps in the implementation of the strategy.  
     20The chapter number and title and the leaders of the associated WGs are listed below:   
     22||3: HPC WG  ||Silvia Mocavero and Mike Bell || 
     23||4: Kernel  ||Mike Bell|| 
     24||5: Physical processes no group ? || Julien le Sommer? || 
     25||6: AGRIF || Jérôme Chanut || 
     26||7: Data interface || Matt Martin to report ? ||  
     27||8: Sea-ice SI3 || Ed Blockley and Martin Vancoppennolle ||  
     28||9: Air-sea interactions || Sébastien Masson and Emanuela Clementi || 
     29||10: BGC / Tracers TOP || Olivier Aumont and Tomas Lovato || 
     30||11: Validation and user support|| leader ? || 
     32The "default" running order for the review could follow the above order of the chapters. 
     34We should not hurry this review. If we have not finished after 3 hours (or when we are exhausted if that is earlier) we should have a second meeting to finish it.  
    1837== List of participants ==