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    3939*       a number of “not started actions” due to lack of time 
    41 The 2019 workplan was still not realistic whereas it was expected to be.  
    42 This may be related to the ambitions of IMMERSE: the 2019 workplan includes also IMMERSE 2020 actions, that can partly explain the “not-started actions”. 
     41In summary, the 2019 workplan was still not realistic whereas it was expected to be. This may be related to the ambitions of IMMERSE: the 2019 workplan includes also IMMERSE 2020 actions, that can partly explain the “not-started actions”. Nonetheless, it is important that the vast majority of the yearly workplan’s actions is completed by the end of the year.  
     43Claire raised two specific questions that were discussed in some detail: 
     45* A) Who puts the priority on work-plan actions? SAC and Working Groups should clearly have roles. it was proposed that the WGs make stronger inputs to the construction of the workplan 
     46 and that their leaders report on progress against the work-plan at the end of each year. The leaders of WG agreed with this proposal.   
     47 The WGLs will be asked to vet the 2020 Work Plan. This could give a significant improvement to our prioritisation process.  
    46 -       Discuss proposals for WGs and re-organisation of NEMO Developers' Committee (Mike) 
    47 -       Overview of the time-line for actions expected by the end of the year (Claire, [attachment:NEMO_NDC_12sept2019_C.LEVY.pdf​ see presentation here]) 
    48 -       What items should be in the work-plan in 2020  
    49 -       Proposals for sharing of configurations (item of information) (Julien)  
    50 -       Report of verification / validation discussions (Mike)    
    51 -       Discussion of the physical processes sub-groups (Julien)  
     49'''Action''': NDCSG to ask WGLs to vet the 2020 Work Plan before mid November (in order for NDC to  propose a 2020 workplan for end 2019).  
    53 The discussion will start with a short presentation by the person named in brackets.   
     51* B) How to keep NEMO alive in 10 years ? This provoked several ideas: how to make code development attractive to a new generation; how to entrain better the scientific community in NEMO development; how to make choices to keep NEMO coherent & at the forefront of ocean modelling. This could be a topic for a focused discussion at a SAC meeting.  
     53=== 3.  Proposals for sharing of configurations (see attached presentation) === 
     55[attachment:Sharing-NEMO-configurations_nemo-devcom_2019-09-12.pdf See attached presentation] 
     57Julien’s presentation provides information on a schematic of the system that will be implemented as part of the IMMERSE project in the next few months. He asked for volunteers, particularly from the System Team to review. NOC and Met Office said they expect to volunteer. This work will clearly be very important in supporting the use of NEMO, but sharing configurations of projects using NEMO is not part of NEMO developers tasks, so will not be included in the NEMO work-plan.  
     59=== 4. Report on verification and validation discussions ===    
     61[attachment:NEMO_VV_NDC_Sep_2019.pdf See attached presentation] 
     63Seb and Dorotea emphasised the importance of verification and validation, both for users and developers. Up to now, it was visible in the workplan through the validation stream, but some work has now started to improve the work and the methods. The proposed approach was supported. Seb is keen to be part of the drafting group and CMCC will find a suitable volunteer.  
     65=== 5.  Physical processes sub-groups ===  
     67[attachment:LeSommer_physical-processes-subgroups_nemo-devcom_2019-09-12.pdf See attached presentation] 
     69It was agreed that this is a tricky issue and to try out Julien’s proposal.  
     71Action: NDCSG to propose a short-list of topics to be discussed and the expected outcomes and to initiate one or two groups “tasked” with evaluating the options and priorities for NEMO on these topics.        
     73=== 6.  AOB ===  
     75We probably need a meeting of the new NDC to vet the 2020 Work Plan. The natural date would be directly after the merge party (in December 2019).  
     77Future meetings of both the NDC and the SAC should seek to make the presentations and questions available at least 2-3 days before the meeting so that attendees can consider the issues in advance. 
     79The minutes from the meeting will be forwarded to the NEMO Steering Committee for discussion at their next meeting.    
    5582== List of participants ==