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     1= NEMO Developer's Committee meeting 
     3The meeting took place by videoconference on Wed. 8 January 2020. 
     5== Participants: 
     6* Chairperson: Mike Bell (also Met-Office Consortium expert) 
     7* External experts: David Marshall, Olivier Aumont, Frédéric Dupont 
     8* Consortium Experts : Rachid Benshila (CNRS), Julein Le Sommer (CNRS), Jérôme Chanut (MOI) 
     9* NEMO Officers: Sébastien Masson (CNRS), Dorotea Iovino (CMCC), Andrew Coward(NOC), Pierre Mathiot (Met-Office), Guillaume Samson (MOI) 
     10* Working groups leaders: Mike Bell (Kernel and HPC), Jérôme Chanut (AGRIF), Sea-ice (Martin Vancopennolle and Ed Bockley), TOP (O. Aumont & Tomas Lovato) 
     11* NEMO Project manager (Claire Lévy) 
     12* Permanent Invitees System Team members and Developers: Stefania Ciliberti, Emanuela Clementi, Oriol Tinto, Gurvan Madec, Amy Young 
     13Absentees: Joel Hirschi (Consortium expert for NOC), George Nurser (Consortium expert for NOC), Gilles Garric (Consortium expert for MOI), Helene Hewitt(Consortium expert for Met-Office), Pier Guiseppe Fogli (Consortium expert for CMCC), Momme Buttenschön (Consortium expert for CMCC),and the followinf Externale xperts: Paolo Oddo, Joanna Staneva, Jean-Marc Molines,Laurent Brodeau 
     15== Discuss draft Terms of Reference for SAC (see first attachment) 
     16== Summary of progress in 2019 (Claire)   
     17== Comments on the NEMO 2020 work plan: Working Group leaders then other members of the committee 
     18== Update from the verification and validation group (Mike; short item) 
     19== Update on physical processes (Julien; short item) 
     20== How to keep NEMO live 10 years from now (see second attachment) 
     21== Messages to Steering Committee (Mike; short item)