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    1313'''Absentees:''' Joel Hirschi (Consortium expert for NOC), George Nurser (Consortium expert for NOC), Gilles Garric (Consortium expert for MOI), Helene Hewitt(Consortium expert for Met-Office), Pier Guiseppe Fogli (Consortium expert for CMCC), Momme Buttenschön (Consortium expert for CMCC),Dan Lea (leader of data interface WG), and the following External experts: Paolo Oddo, Joanna Staneva, Jean-Marc Molines,Laurent Brodeau 
    15 == Discuss draft Terms of Reference for SAC 
    16 The proposed Terms of Reference elaborated by the NDC subgroup is presented by Mike Bell. 
     15== Discuss draft Terms of Reference for Scientific Advisory Committee 
     16The [attachment:TORs_NEMO_SAC_v0.3.pdf proposed Terms of Reference elaborated by the NDC subgroup] is presented by Mike Bell.[[br]] 
     17Discussion and comments: 
     18* In the proposed document, the biogeochemsitry is suggested to possibly be considered as out of scope of SAC. Olivier Aumont states the importance and specificity of ocean modeling using this component, the interactions of biogeochemistry with other components of the system for developments so as the fact that the transport part (TOP) is indeed shared between differents source and sinks models (PISCES, MEDUSA...). [[br]] 
     19  Consensus is agreed to at least have experts on biogeochemical modeling in the SAC. The discussion should be forwarded to Steering Committee for final decision. 
     20* Frequency of SAC meetings and of renewal of members 
    1821== Summary of progress in 2019 (Claire)   
    1922== Comments on the NEMO 2020 work plan: Working Group leaders then other members of the committee