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NEMO Developer's Committee meeting

The meeting took place by videoconference on Wed. 8 January 2020.


  • Chairperson: Mike Bell (also Met-Office Consortium expert)
  • External experts: David Marshall, Olivier Aumont, Frédéric Dupont
  • Consortium Experts : Rachid Benshila (CNRS), Julein Le Sommer (CNRS), Jérôme Chanut (MOI)
  • NEMO Officers: Sébastien Masson (CNRS), Dorotea Iovino (CMCC), Andrew Coward(NOC), Pierre Mathiot (Met-Office), Guillaume Samson (MOI)
  • Working groups leaders: Mike Bell (Kernel and HPC), Jérôme Chanut (AGRIF), Sea-ice (Martin Vancopennolle and Ed Bockley), TOP (O. Aumont & Tomas Lovato), Sébastien Masson (Air-sea interactions)
  • NEMO Project manager (Claire Lévy)
  • Permanent Invitees System Team members and Developers: Stefania Ciliberti, Emanuela Clementi, Oriol Tinto, Gurvan Madec, Amy Young

Absentees: Joel Hirschi (Consortium expert for NOC), George Nurser (Consortium expert for NOC), Gilles Garric (Consortium expert for MOI), Helene Hewitt(Consortium expert for Met-Office), Pier Guiseppe Fogli (Consortium expert for CMCC), Momme Buttenschön (Consortium expert for CMCC),Dan Lea (leader of data interface WG), and the following External experts: Paolo Oddo, Joanna Staneva, Jean-Marc Molines,Laurent Brodeau

Discuss draft Terms of Reference for SAC

The proposed Terms of Reference elaborated by the NDC subgroup is presented by Mike Bell.

Summary of progress in 2019 (Claire)

Comments on the NEMO 2020 work plan: Working Group leaders then other members of the committee

Update from the verification and validation group (Mike; short item)

Update on physical processes (Julien; short item)

How to keep NEMO live 10 years from now (see second attachment)

Messages to Steering Committee (Mike; short item)

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