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Guidelines for modifying a ticket:

  • Don't change a ticket field without leaving a comment
  • Don't close or reopen a ticket without a reason
  • Default notification: updater, owner, reporter, CC'ers and ticket mailing list, except in case of resolution or reopening that all developers will be notified

Editing Tips

  • 'textarea' view highly recommended (no bugs, autocomplete, contextual help).
  • Display an image: [[Image([wiki|ticket|discussion]:..., [width=...], [align=...], ...)]], see [[Image?]]
    • Fortran code block
         Your fortran code
    • SVN diff
         Paste `svn diff` output from console
  • Include totally or partially a repository file: [[IncludeSource([trunk|branches|...]/...,[start=], [end=], [rev=], [line_numbers=0|1], ...)]], see [[IncludeSource?]]
  • See Trac Links | Wiki Macros | Wiki Processors | Trac Syntax Coloring for more…