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11 July 2018

Announcement of 4.0.beta NEMO release

11 July 2018

NEMO Users meeting 2018 : Registration deadline 10 September 2018

29 May 2018

2018 NEMO Users meeting - SAVE the dates: 11-12 October 2018

14 Feb. 2018

The NEMO development strategy for the period 2018-2022 has been published

17 Oct. 2017

New URL for online input and forcing files of NEMO Reference configurations

13 Sept. 2017

NEMO is now on ResearchGate social network!


NEMO (Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean) is a state-of-the-art modelling framework of ocean related engines for oceanographic research, operational oceanography, seasonal forecast and [paleo]climate studies.
The general description of the model and its components, the governance of its developments, the NEMO Consortium… is available on the NEMO official public web site:

Here you'll find how to download and install the NEMO reference code, to build our reference configurations, to find information, documentation, so as all the tools to interact with the NEMO community.

Forge security

To avoid a security exception in HTTPS browsing and automatically renew the repository certificate,
we suggest to import the CNRS Certification Authority which issues the digital certificate of the IPSL Forge server.


Quick start for beginners

Advanced use for skilled people

If you want to make your own NEMO configuration

Other resources

Ask for help

If you want to interact with the web platform, create your NEMO Trac account and get new functionalities like

  • Posting a message on the forum or creating a ticket,
  • Bookmarking your favourite resources (wiki, ticket, forum, query, …),
  • Customizing your email notifications by subscribing to a specified resource or item

You have a question and found no answer after searching

⇒ Post a message in a forum




Getting started with the ocean model

Download, install, compile and run reference configurations


Set up your configuration and process your data

{BDY, DMP, OBS, NST}-tools, SIREN, weights creator, …


Natural & computer science

Additional answers on choosing savvy options


Communicating | Coupling | Incorporating | Nesting


Links: Beginner | Tools | Skilled | Interfaces




Alternative configurations, repositories and utilities

Unsupported configurations, unofficial repositories, other available utilities, …

Links: Forks




Official announcements of the project

{Steering, Developers} committee, System Team


Employment opportunities

Post here your offers, it will be forwarded to the NEMO newsletter


Main events on ocean modelling

Conferences, open meetings, papers calls, workshops, …

Links: Consortium | Jobs | News

You believe you found a new bug or you want to suggest an enhancement for NEMO

⇒ Create a ticket

Type Bug ("unavoidable") Defect ("workable") Enhancement
Severity minor major critical

Keep up to date with the NEMO newsletter

The NEMO newsletter has a very low traffic and is recommended for all users to receive the major announcements from the project (new releases, open meetings and main informations).

Interested in contributing to the NEMO reference?

Please start by having a look at the NEMO development area.

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