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     1= Updates of 3.6 release 3_6_stable Improvements of release 3_6_stable of NEMO 
     3Original publication (eZ): '''2016-03-30 15:46 CEST''' by '''flavoni'''\\ 
     4Last edition: '''[[Wikinfo(changed_ts)]]''' by '''[[Wikinfo(changed_by)]]''' 
     6As announced in July 2015, the 3_6_STABLE release of NEMO includes 
     7• The [source:/branches/2015/nemo_v3_6_STABLE/NEMOGCM main branch] 
     8• The [source:/branches/2015/dev_r5003_MERCATOR6_CRS/NEMOGCM associated branch for on-line coarsening of biogeochemistry] (needs to be merged locally with 3_6_STABLE) 
     9• The [/doxygen/index.html?doc=NEMO updated reference manual] 
     11Since last July, some improvements and fixes have been done. Please find below the summary of changes: 
     12- Update of reference manual (see 1^st^ paragraph) 
     13- XIOS2 : allow using the up to date release of [//ioserver/changeset/819 XIOS r819] (only if key_xios2 added in list of NEMO cpp keys). Some associated changes in xml file, for which templates are available in `CONFIG/GYRE_XIOS/EXP00/*.xml` 
     14- New version of AGRIF 
     15- Updates in dynamics: 
     16  • New internal wave driven mixing parameterization available with key_zdftmx_new (#1674) 
     17  • Update of `traqsr.F90` in RGB case when using surface Chlorophyll data : a vertical profile is computed if  
     19nn_chldta = 2 
     21- Updates in sea ice (LIM3): 
     22  • Add a new ice albedo scheme in LIM (#1654), managed by  
     24nn_ice_alb = 1 
     26  • Send a non-zero fresh water budget for the passive tracers (impact on iron uptake/release by the ice) #1694 
     27  • Add the computation of the snow blown into the ocean for coupled model (impact on global mass conservation) #1696 
     28  • Add sublimation over sea-ice and snow #1697 
     29  • Remove Langmuir cell parametrisation below sea ice #1604 
     30  • Improvement of ventilation in southern ocean : have 2 different values for open lead fraction (in namelist : rn_amax_n and rn_amax_s) in Arctic and Antarctic, as proposed by Olivier Aumont, see r6311 
     31- Updates in biogeochemistry 
     32  • Better representation of OMZ : have the possibility to increase zonal equatorial diffusion for passive tracers r6312 
     34List of bugfixes done since the release can be found [query:status=closed&version=nemo_v3_6_STABLE&type=Bug&group=component here]. 
     36It is suggested to update your version onto the HEAD of 3_6_STABLE in order to benefit from these improvements.