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Welcome to NEMO Trac

What is Trac ?

Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. (See for details) For the NEMO platform, it is used as interface to identify bug reports and follow their corrections, as well as a tool to follow easily the evolutions and differences in the NEMO source code.

Trac used by NEMO

Within NEMO, Trac is used

  • to visualize some informations
  • to send your inputs and suggestions

In both cases, you need to login first see top right panel of this page (same login/pw as on the NEMO web site)

  • 1 - To visualize some informations
  • have a look on bug reports (after login, click on "View tickets")
  • browse source and view differences between versions.

The Trac browser can be used to browse directories, change logs and specific revisions of files stored in a subversion repository.
The default behavior is to display the latest revision but another revision number can easily be selected using the form at the top of the page.
Each release can be found under tags/TAGNAME. Last release is here :
Important: for the quite old releases (under CVS only, i.e. before SVN use - before v2.3), the Trac viewer is not available and many other options …

  • 2 - To receive new tickets and commit announcement

Please subscribe there:
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  • 3 - To send inputs and suggestions

After login, you can report any bug, or post any suggestion for further developments by creating a ticket (in Trac vocabulary) here.
If you don't have an account, please register on the NEMO website first. Your account information will then be transfered to this website in up to 30 minutes.

What's new ?

October 2020
#2537Context Test cases often require the use of a passive tracer to ease ... Using salinity array as a passive tracer (systeam)
#2538Context The simplified eos (ln_seos) is based on : rd(T,S,Z)*rho0 = ... Tref and Sref used in simplified eos hard coded (systeam)
#2539Context Some users feel the need to have more flexibility in the choice ... Better management of T/S file used for tradmp. (systeam)
#2540Context NEMO is able to check and correct the fresh water budget. The ... add a fwb scheme without any bouyancy flux ? (systeam)
#2543Context Default NEMO restart numbering is time-step based: clname = ... More flexibility in the restart name numbering ? (systeam)
#2544Context GYRE_PISCES cannot run with nn_fwb = 1. snwice_fmass is not ... snwice_fmass uninitialised if nn_fwb=1 and no si3 (mathiot)
#2546Context I am diagnosing the 3D salinity trend in NEMO v3.6 with variable ... Double count of runoffs in the variable volume (vvl) case (systeam)
#2547Context in tools/DOMAINcfg/src/dommsk.F90, usr_def_fmask with cn_cfg and ... in tools/DOMAINcfg/src/dommsk.F90: wrong arguments when calling usr_def_fmask (systeam)
#2549Context Some mpi splitting can lead to have land over all the inner local ... wrong diagnotic of error handling in stp_ctl (systeam)
#2551Context results of mpp_delay_sum are not updated between the first time ... bug with nn_fwb=1 (mpp_delay_sum): global sum not updated (systeam)
#2553Context Despite restartability test OK with ORCA2_ICE_PISCES in SETTE, it ... restartability broken when LEV melt pond activated (ln_pnd_LEV) (systeam)
#2554 The option ln_dyn_RHGADV in SI3 which is rarely used (only for testing ... SI3: unused option ln_dyn_RHGADV gives wrong conservation diags (systeam)
#2555Status There are two issues to solve in NEMO/OCE/DYN : 1° In ... Proper fix for ENE and ENS in partial step ()
#2557Context When extending the mixed-precision implementation into the ... Wrong behaviour of tab_2d_3d (and possible the others). (systeam)


  • What is the difference between this site and NEMO main page ?

Trac is used to interact with the evolving NEMO reference (i.e. "Developping with NEMO"), as the NEMO web site documentation focuses on the usage of the NEMO system as it is (i.e. "Using NEMO").

  • What happened to my Flyspray reports ?

Concerning the Flyspray reports (i.e. before April 2008), they can be found here: