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Welcome to NEMO Trac

What is Trac ?

Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. (See for details) For the NEMO platform, it is used as interface to identify bug reports and follow their corrections, as well as a tool to follow easily the evolutions and differences in the NEMO source code.

Trac used by NEMO

Within NEMO, Trac is used to visualize some informations and send inputs and suggestions. It is also used by NEMO System Team for developments.
As a user, you should first look at the NEMO web site for information:

IMPORTANT: on the NEMO web site and on Trac, you need to first login (top right panel of this page), using the same login/pw as on the NEMO web site

What is available here:

Last stable release :'''[[BR]] The default behavior is to display the latest revision but another revision number can easily be selected using the form at the top of the page.

Last 10 commits on major branchs

stable (3.6) trunk

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  • What is the difference between this site and NEMO main page ?
    Trac is used to interact with the evolving NEMO reference, as the NEMO web site documentation focuses on the usage NEMO as it is.

Contact: NEMO System Team