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    List of past/current/planned applications of NEMO with AGRIF (with associated publications):

    1) Applications in GEOMAR-Kiel (Germany)

    Agulhas current, etc). There are probably 15 papers or so (including Biastoch et al, Nature, 2008 and 2009). The best would be to ask the list from Arne Biastoch if we need ti in the report.

    2) Applications in France

    • AGRIF 1/15 degree zoom in the Labrador Sea in a 1/3 degree model. PhD work of Jerome Chanut,

    Chanut J., B. Barnier, W. Large, L. Debreu, T. Penduff, J.-M. Molines, and P. Mathiot, 2008 : Mesoscale eddies in the Labrador Sea and their contribution to convection and re-stratification. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 38, 1617-1643.

    • AGRIF in the bay of Biscay, comparison with open boundary strategies. PhD of Sylvain Cailleau,

    Cailleau S., V. Fedorenko, B. Barnier, E. Blayo, and L. Debreu, 2008: Comparison of different numerical methods used to handle the open boundary of a regional ocean circulation model of the Bay of Biscay. Ocean Modelling, 25, 1-16.

    • AGRIF in the Solomon Sea, PhD work of Angelique Melet. JPO 2010 and other papers (5 in all? to be verified)

    Melet A., Gourdeau L., Kessler S., Verron J. and Molines J.-M., 2010: Thermocline circulation in the Solomon Sea: a modeling study. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 40, 1302-1319.

    Melet A., Verron J., Gourdeau L., and Koch-Larrouy A., 2011: Equatorward Pathways of Solomon Sea Water Masses and Their Modifications. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 41(4), 810-826.

    • AGRIF in the Gulf of Mexico, PhD work of Julien Jouanno.

    Jouanno J., J Sheinbaum, B. Barnier, J. M. Molines, L. Debreu, and F. Lemarié, 2008: The mesoscale variability in the Caribbean Sea. Part I: simulations with an embedded model and characteristics, Ocean Modelling, 23, 82-101.

    Jouanno J., J Sheinbaum, B. Barnier, J. M. Molines, 2009: The mesoscale variability in the Caribbean Sea. Part II: energy sources. Ocean Modelling, 26 (3-4), pp. 226-239.

    Jouanno J., Sheinbaum J., Barnier B., Molines J.-M., Candela J., 2012: Seasonal and interannual modulation of the eddy kinetic energy in the Caribbean Sea. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 42, 2041-2055, DOI: 10.1175/JPO-D-12-048.1.

    • AGRIF in the Med Sea :

    Dobrinski P., Anav A., Lebeaupin Brossier C., Samson G., Stéfanon M., Bastin S., Baklouti M., Béranger K., Beuvier J., Bourdallé-Badie R., Coquart L., D'Andrea F., De Noblet-Ducoudré N., Diaz F., Dutay J.-C., Ethe C., Foujols M.-A., Khvorostyanov D., Madec G., Mancip M., Masson S., Menut L., Palmieri J., Polcher J. Turquety S., Valcke S., Viovy N., 2012: Modelling the Regional Coupled Eatrh System (MORCE):application to process and climate studies in vulnerable regions. Env. Modelling and Software, 35, 1-18 (10.1016/j.envsoft.2012.01.017)

    • AGRIF in the gulf of Guinea: PhD of Henrick Berger (LPO, Brest, december 2012).

    A publication in preparation.