Proposals to solve some limits

  • to create orca grid all over the globe (north pole, band of latitude\dots), we could use Gridgen tool which is already in NEMO.
  • to create Bathymetry on this new grid we could use the GEBCO dataset with the OPABAT tool (already in NEMO).
  • we could used SCRIPP3D to create boundary condition and inital state so :
    • we could change the number of vertical levels
    • we could change z-coordinaltes to s-coordinates
    • we could change grid orca to regular

However, It may not allow to keep U, V point on the boundary.

AM Treguier proposes to add the BMGtools as potential tools. The BMGtools (developped by Ifremer) allow to refine grid, to create bathymetry and to check it. Moreover she proposes to use AGRIF nesting tools, as there is common tasks for both tools. So it will be easiest to maintain codes.

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