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    Working group leader (and responsible for wiki pages) : Sébastien Masson.

    Members of the Working group:

    • Sébastien Masson
    • Italo Epicoco
    • Silvia Mocavero
    • Marie-Alice Foujols
    • Jason Holt
    • Gurvan Madec
    • Mondher Chekki


    • make short term recommendations for improving the performance of the existing system
    • propose criteria for a taking decisions at Gateway 2025 regarding HPC.
    • provide more detail on Gung-Ho (esp. regarding its implications for mesh discretization)
    • identify other possible strategies and approaches for evolutions in the long term.
    • define a simple configuration (with IO and complex geometry) that will serve as a proof of concept for validating the proposed approach for the future system.


    For the next 2 years, as a start, a workshop to be organized in 2015 on “NEMO in 2025 : routes toward multi-resolution approaches”.

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