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Tangent Approximations

1 - Actives variables degraded to passive

Some active variables are treated as passive (mainly due to non-differentiability characteristics).

  • avmu, avmv: the vertical eddy viscosity. The turbulent closure scheme zdftke induces some non-differentiabilities for there variables. They are used in dynzdf_imp_tam.F90 routine.
  • uslp, vslp: the slope of neutral surface (slope of isopycnal surfaces referenced locally) are treated as passive in order to not recomputed them at each step. They are used in traldf_iso_tam.F90 routine.
  • wslpi/j: vertical mixing coefficinet due to lateral mixing. They are used in trazdf_imp_tam.F90 routine.

2 - Simplifications

  • removal of upstream part of second order centered scheme for traadv_cen2_tam.F90. It introduces

some non-differentiabilities. Some complementary test must be held to fully implement the second order scheme

  • removal of zonal mean lateral diffusive heat and salt transport (pht_ldf and pst_ldf )

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