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    1 = TOP Structure and Coupling Guidelines = 
    2 This page provide an overview of TOP interface structure and contains general guidelines for coupling NEMO with independent Biogeochemical Models 
     1= TOP interface User Quick Guide (NEMO 4.0+) = 
     2=  = 
     3== TOP interface structure == 
     4TOP (Tracers in the Ocean Paradigm) is the NEMO hardwired interface toward biogeochemical models and provide the physical constraints/boundaries for oceanic tracers.  
     5It consists of a modular framework to handle multiple ocean tracers, including also a variety of built-in modules.  
     6TOP interfaces has the following location in the code repository 
    4 ==  == 
    5 == 1. TOP interface structure == 
    6 Modules, schemes, BC's 
     11and the following modules are available: 
    8 == 2. NEMO-BGC coupling guidelines == 
    9 Use MY_TRC 
     13TRP : Interface to NEMO physical core for computing tracers transport 
     14CFC : Inert carbon tracers (CFC11,CFC12, SF6) 
     15C14 : Radiocarbon passive tracer 
     16AGE : Water age tracking 
     17MY_TRC : Template for creation of new modules and external BGC models coupling 
     18PISCES : Built in BGC model 
     20The usage of TOP is done by i) including in the configuration definition the component “TOP_SRC” and ii) adding the macro key_top in the configuration cpp file. 
     22As an example, the user can refer to simplest configurations already available in the code GYRE_BFM or GYRE_PISCES. 
     24'''Note that''', since version 4.0, TOP interface core functionalities are activated by means of logical keys and all process-specific pre-processing macros from previous versions were removed. 
     31== TOP namelist Walkthrough == 
     33Here below are listed the features/options of the TOP interface accessible through the '''namelist_top_ref''' and modifiable by means of '''namelist_top_cfg''' (as for NEMO physical ones).