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    6161(Answering UNSURE is likely to generate further questions from reviewers.) 
    63 'Please add further summary details here' 
     63The code was tested to ensure it did not interfere with the original code by running with ln_rnf_att=false, (for both the linear free surface and the vvl case) and running the original code.  An ncdiff showed the output to be identical.  It was also run with ln_rnf_att=true, but specifying river conditions which should give the same result as the original code, again they were identical. 
    65  * Processor configurations tested 
    66  * etc---- 
     65The new code was run with initial conditions of 0oC and 0psu everywhere adding one river also of 0oC and 0psu, and as expected there was a change in ssh only. 
     67The change in ssh is exactly the same as in the original coding, and shows that the new code has not caused any problems in the ssh calculation.  The total change in volume over the whole domain (running without bdy) for each time step was also calculated, and this equalled the amount of water being added by the river at each time step. 
     69When running with fresh water the new code gives exactly the same output as the original, showing the dilution effect works as it should. 
     71To test the linear free surface case the difference in salinity and temperature from before and after the river runoff is included was outputted.  This was run using both fresh water rivers, with no temperature specified, to check the dilution effect, and with low salinity river, with a temperature specified, to asses the direct tracer flux.  The depth to which the river water is added was also varied, the river was added into the surface box only, throughout the water depth and to a specified depth in between (50m, where the bathymetry was ~91m).  For each run the code gave changes in only the grid boxes expected and of the correct amount, showing the code affects only the intended boxes, and changes the temperature and salinity in them as expected.   
     73To test the non linear free surface case the code was run with a fresh river, without any temperature changes, adding the river only at the surface, this gave exactly the same distribution of salinity and temperature as the original code, so it can be assumed the code works fine for the dilution effect.  The model was run with initial conditions of 10oC and 35.5psu everywhere, with one river of 10oC and 35.5psu.  There should be a change in ssh only, as the direct flux should be exactly equal and opposite to the dilution effect.  A run of just over 22 days with one river shows absolutely no change in salinity or temperature, implying the direct flux also works as expected. 
     75All testing was done with the met office AMM configuration, both with and without vvl.  This is an s-coordinate configuration, with key_bdy. 
    6877=== Bit Comparability ===