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Reviewer: [ Rachid Benshila ]

Suggestion of cosmetic changes:

1. namelist

  • integer in namelist should be nn_something, ex niaufn=nn_iaufn
    - real in namelist should be rn_something, ex saltfixmin = rn_saltfixmin
    - character name (here mainly filename) should be cn_something, enactfiles=cn_enactfiles

Presentation of the namelist changed since nemo_v3.1(?), it should be something like (see )

&namobs ! observation usage switch
ln_t3d = .true. ! Logical switch for T profile observations
ln_s3d = .true. ! Logical switch for S profile observations

Usually, we report the namelist modifications for each standard configuration under CONFIG directory(except ORCA2_OFF_PISCES which is offline biogeochemistry), even when they are not in use and all parameters et to false (it's quite painful to do)

2. Code

2.1 Cosmetic

  • OPA_SRC/SBC : geo2ocean (obs_rot)

REAL(wp), DIMENSION(jpi,jpj), INTENT( OUT ):: &

& psinu, pcosu, psinv, pcosv! copy of data

could be REAL(wp), DIMENSION(jpi,jpj), INTENT( OUT ):: psinu, pcosu, psinv, pcosv! copy of data

    header is missing in new routines (see existing routine), sometimes there are reference to NEMOVAR licence

!! NEMO/OPA 3.3 , LOCEAN-IPSL (2010)
!! $Id$
!! Software governed by the CeCILL licence (modipsl/doc/NEMO_CeCILL.txt)

  • same remark as above for some declarations on several lines with &
  • module mpp_map could be include in OPA_SRC/lib_mpp.F90 since it's not specific to OBS
  • sentence "module used", "routine accessibility", "arguments local declaration" are obsolete (see attached routine as example)
  • majority of variables follows the DOCTOR norme, some does not see (, especially fortran structures which should be svar for module variables and sdvar fro dummy arguments

2.2 Code itself

  • calendar functionalities : routines julian.F90 and related include files

IOIPSL library provides similar calendar functionalities in calendar module (I'm not sure for the optional kdate argument), we are using it in the rest of the code:

CALL ymds2ju (year,month,day,sec,julian)
CALL ju2ymds (julian,year,month,day,sec)

  • in OBS, It may be logical to define kind of data fbsp and fbdp in par_kind.F90 rather than in obs_fbm
  • in OBS, Using nf90_open rather than iom_open may be a sources a problem when using nesting (maybe one day) with key agrif (I should talk with Arthur and Eric), Idon't know if there is a reason to it, please use iom_open when possible
  • in OBS some routine in obs_mpp.F90 seems duplicated in lib_mpp.F90 (obs_mpp_max_integer,obs_mpp_sum_integers in OBS and mpp_max, mpp_sum in lib_mpp) and anyway those which are not specific to obs should be included in lib_mpp.F90
  • in OBS module mpp_map could be include in OPA_SRC/lib_mpp.F90 since it's not specific to OBS
  • in ASM, routine calc_month_len does the same thing than ioget_mon_len provided by IOIPSL


It would be nice to have access to an observation file (enact) or at least a reference to a link to one in the routine to use key_diaobs

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