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    214214=== Step 5 === ought to be to merge in the changes between the head of the DEV_R1821_Rivers branch and the trunk@1821. This was done and gave rise 
    215215to one minor conflict in sbcrnf.F90 (to do with the dimensionality of fnow which was increased by the 3DF branch). This is easily resolved but closer examination of the code and discussions with one of the reviewers (gm) suggests that the vertical distribution of the mass flux associated with the runoff has been omitted. The vertical distribution of temperature and salinity is coded but all the mass flux still occurs at the surface. The physical and numerical implications of this are unclear so this branch has been omitted from the mid-year merge until the matter can be resolved. Step 5 therefore is to merge in the changes on the trunk between revision 1821 and 1879 (which is the base version used for the DEV_1879_mpp_rep branch).  
     219svn merge svn+ssh:// \ 
     220          svn+ssh:// ./ 
     224--- Merging r1822 through r1879 into '.': 
     225U    CONFIG/ORCA2_OFF_PISCES/EXP00/iodef.xml 
     226U    CONFIG/ORCA2_LIM/IGCM00/COMP/opa9.driver 
     227U    CONFIG/ORCA2_LIM_PISCES/EXP00/iodef.xml 
     228U    CONFIG/POMME/scripts/BB_make 
     229U    CONFIG/POMME/EXP00/namelist 
     230U    NEMO/OFF_SRC/trc_oce.F90 
     231U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/DOM/dom_oce.F90 
     232U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/DOM/phycst.F90 
     233U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/par_POMME_R025.h90 
     234U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/DYN/dynnxt.F90 
     235U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/DYN/dynspg_flt.F90 
     236U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/SOL/solmat.F90 
     237U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/OBC/obc_par_EEL_R5.h90 
     238U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/OBC/obc_par.F90 
     239U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/OBC/obc_par_POMME_R025.h90 
     240U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/OBC/obcdta.F90 
     241U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/SBC/fldread.F90 
     242U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/SBC/geo2ocean.F90 
     243U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/SBC/sbccpl.F90 
     244U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/SBC/sbcfwb.F90 
     245U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/trc_oce.F90 
     246U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/lib_mpp.F90 
     247U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/TRA/traadv_tvd.F90 
     248U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/TRA/tranxt.F90 
     249U    NEMO/OPA_SRC/DIA/diaptr.F90 
     250U    NEMO/TOP_SRC/trcini.F90 
     251U    NEMO/TOP_SRC/PISCES/trcrst_pisces.F90 
     252U    NEMO/TOP_SRC/PISCES/p4zflx.F90 
     253U    NEMO/TOP_SRC/PISCES/p4zopt.F90 
     254U    NEMO/TOP_SRC/PISCES/p4zmeso.F90 
     255U    NEMO/TOP_SRC/PISCES/p4zprod.F90 
     256U    NEMO/TOP_SRC/PISCES/p4zsink.F90 
     257U    NEMO/TOP_SRC/PISCES/p4zlys.F90 
     258U    NEMO/TOP_SRC/PISCES/p4zmicro.F90 
     259U    NEMO/TOP_SRC/PISCES/sms_pisces.F90 
     260U    NEMO/TOP_SRC/PISCES/p4zsed.F90 
     261U    NEMO/TOP_SRC/par_trc.F90 
     262U    NEMO/TOP_SRC/trcdia.F90 
     263U    NEMO/TOP_SRC/trcwri.F90 
     264U    NEMO/TOP_SRC/trcrst.F90 
     265U    NEMO/NST_SRC/agrif_user.F90 
    216269=== Testing ===