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    382382 * TOP_SRC/MY_TRC/* 
     384========= Marcello's comments  ========= 
     385Christian's comment is remarking the importance of FCM as "the tool" to incorporate other models into the system with little modification of the source code. I definitely agree with this point. 
     386The way we handle the coupling with the BFM now is to have a directory called nemo within the BFM tree that contains all needed routines. In our case, This directory is exactly what should go into MY_SRC. 
     387Extending on this method, the solution would be to totally substitute the main calling routines (trcstp and trctrp) with modified copies that will be maintained by each group in the tree of the biological model. 
     388In that case, I think we should be able to fit into the MY_TRC layout easily. 
     389As far as I can understand, FCM should consider the content opf MY_SRC directory in place of the files with the same names in the WORK directory. My only concern is whether FCM can eventually put the content of an external directory into MY_SRC, without the need to do it manually. 
    384391=== Status === 
    385392On the dev branch we have now committed the method we currently use and that has to be modified. It is just a placeholder for the status quo at CMCC and very similar to NERC and MetOffice.