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    391391=== Status === 
    392 On the dev branch we have now committed the method we currently use and that has to be modified. It is just a placeholder for the status quo at CMCC and very similar to NERC and MetOffice.   
     392Outcomes of the videoconference held on September 17th. Participants: Marcello Vichi, Christian Ethe', Karen Edwards, Momme Butenschoen. 
     393Christian's proposal of using FCM is seen as the way forward to minimize the impacts on the current NEMO code and allow all the developers of external ecosystem models to carry on their own development still maintaining the possibility to couple with NEMO in a seamless way. A powerpoint presentation is attached to this page, explaining the status and the possible solution.  
     394The underlying idea is to explore the method used at MetOffice where different components are first extracted (using FCM extract.cfg configuration script) and then built. Currently, FCM is used within NEMO just to perform the build phase (build.cfg) as the extraction is not needed being the code part of the downloaded NEMO version. 
     395A possible strategy to explore is to include an additional flag for the makenemo script that should look for a user-provided build.cfg file with all the information on the external biogeochemical model. This model code will then be copied at the same level of the WORK directory. The proper versions of trcini.F90 and trcstp.F0 will instead be put in the MY_SRC directory. All files present in MY_SRC directory are compiled in place of the ones in the WORK directory. 
     396The current development branch will thus be used as a testing ground for the usage of FCM as interface to . It is not expected that this development will be part of the next release, but we believe this strategy will facilitate any future inclusion of other external models.