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    9393    For example the treatments of u_ice_oe,v_ice_oe and u_ice_sn,v_ice_sn are both asymmetrical in agrif_dyn_lim. 
    9494    They are also declared with a 4 by 2 pattern. Why? 
     95    There are also routine names in french (and I have nothing against this!), which would seem to be against the coding rules. 
    9697  NEMOGCM/NEMO/NST_SRC/agrif_lim2_update.F90 
    9798  NEMOGCM/NEMO/NST_SRC/agrif_oce.F90 
     102  I think that since the code is currently limited to LIM2 usage that  sbcmod.F90 should be modified to stop the code or at least  
     103  warn the user when LIM3 is selected with AGRIF 
    99105=== Review Summary === 
    102108here is substantially unchanged from the extra code they were using. 
     110However, documentation is a big issue for AGRIF (not just for this branch).  I (the reviewer) had a go at adding an AGRIF section to the  
     111NEMO book, but failed since I could not understand the derivation of the boundary conditions implemented in agrif_opa_interp.F90 for 
     112example.  The creator of the current code (Frederic Dupont?) obviously understood more than I.  But we are building "a house of cards", 
     113where we add more code but no documentation to describe it. 
     115I would suggest that: 
     117 * this branch be updated to NEMO v3.4 at the merge party, but that it is carried over as a separate branch to next year;  
     118 * that a completely new development branch is opened for next year which is solely for the creation of AGRIF documentation;  
     119 * that a group of AGRIF users/developers is assembled (eg Frederic Dupont, Rachid Benshila, Jean Marc Molines, etc) to jointly fill in the text;  
     120 * and that no other changes to AGRIF code are accepted until this documentation branch is complete. 
    104122=== Approval for the trunk === 
    105 YES/NO 
    107125The code reviewer may approve the change for the NEMO trunk when: