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     6'''Author''' : NEMO Team 
     8'''ticket''' : #891 
     10'''Branch''' : [      dev_LOCEAN_CMCC_INGV_MERCATOR_2011 ]  
     13=== Description === 
     15This branch is the merge of 2 branhes : 
     17    * 2011/dev_LOCEAN_CMCC_2011 
     18    * 2011/dev_MERCATOR_INGV_2011_MERGE 
     20=== 1st step : Copy LOCEAN/CMCC branch into the new branch 
     24svn copy svn+ssh:// svn+ssh:// -m "1st step of the merge: Copy LOCEAN/CMCC branch into the new branch" 
     28=== 2nd step === 
     32svn co svn+ssh:// dev_LOCEAN_CMCC_INGV_MERCATOR_2011 
     34svn merge -r 2787:3100 svn+ssh:// . 
     36U    DOC/NEMO_book.pdf 
     37U    DOC/TexFiles/Biblio/Biblio.bib 
     38U    DOC/TexFiles/Figures/logo_MERCATOR.pdf 
     39U    DOC/TexFiles/Chapters/Chap_DIA.tex 
     40U    DOC/TexFiles/Chapters/Chap_SBC.tex 
     41U    DOC/TexFiles/Chapters/Chap_ZDF.tex 
     42A    DOC/TexFiles/Namelist/namsbc_wave 
     43U    DOC/TexFiles/Namelist/namsbc 
     44U    DOC/TexFiles/Namelist/namflo 
     45A    DOC/TexFiles/Namelist/nam_tide 
     46A    DOC/TexFiles/Namelist/namsbc_ecmwf 
     47A    DOC/TexFiles/Namelist/namdia_harm 
     48A    DOC/TexFiles/Namelist/namdct 
     49U    DOC/TexFiles/Namelist/namzdf_ric 
     52A    NEMOGCM/TOOLS/SECTIONS_DIADCT/run/list_sections.ascii_GYRE 
     53A    NEMOGCM/TOOLS/SECTIONS_DIADCT/run/list_sections.ascii_exp 
     54A    NEMOGCM/TOOLS/SECTIONS_DIADCT/run/list_sections.ascii_global 
     55A    NEMOGCM/TOOLS/SECTIONS_DIADCT/run/namelist 
     56A    NEMOGCM/TOOLS/SECTIONS_DIADCT/run/job.ksh 
     58A    NEMOGCM/TOOLS/SECTIONS_DIADCT/src/writesections.f90 
     59A    NEMOGCM/TOOLS/SECTIONS_DIADCT/src/compute_sections.f90 
     60A    NEMOGCM/TOOLS/SECTIONS_DIADCT/src/readsections.f90 
     61A    NEMOGCM/TOOLS/SECTIONS_DIADCT/src/sections_tools.f90 
     62A    NEMOGCM/TOOLS/SECTIONS_DIADCT/src/declarations.f90 
     63A    NEMOGCM/TOOLS/SECTIONS_DIADCT/src/diadct_sections.f90 
     64A    NEMOGCM/TOOLS/SECTIONS_DIADCT/src/readcoordmesh.f90 
     65U    NEMOGCM/CONFIG/GYRE_LOBSTER/EXP00/iodef.xml 
     66U    NEMOGCM/CONFIG/GYRE/EXP00/iodef.xml 
     67U    NEMOGCM/CONFIG/GYRE/EXP00/namelist 
     68C    NEMOGCM/CONFIG/GYRE/cpp_GYRE.fcm 
     70U    NEMOGCM/CONFIG/ORCA2_LIM/EXP00/iodef.xml 
     71U    NEMOGCM/CONFIG/ORCA2_LIM/EXP00/1_namelist 
     72U    NEMOGCM/CONFIG/ORCA2_LIM/EXP00/namelist 
     74U    NEMOGCM/CONFIG/ORCA2_LIM_PISCES/EXP00/iodef.xml 
     75U    NEMOGCM/CONFIG/POMME/EXP00/iodef.xml 
     76U    NEMOGCM/CONFIG/POMME/EXP00/namelist 
     77U    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/nemogcm.F90 
     78U    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/IOM/iom.F90 
     79U    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/IOM/in_out_manager.F90 
     80U    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/DYN/dynspg_ts.F90 
     81U    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/step_oce.F90 
     82A    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/SBC/tide_mod.F90 
     83A    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/SBC/tide.h90 
     84A    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/SBC/sbcwave.F90 
     85U    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/SBC/sbc_oce.F90 
     86A    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/SBC/updtide.F90 
     87U    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/SBC/sbcmod.F90 
     88U    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/SBC/sbcblk_core.F90 
     89A    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/SBC/sbctide.F90 
     90A    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/SBC/sbcblk_ecmwf.F90 
     91C    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/FLO/flowri.F90 
     92U    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/FLO/flo_oce.F90 
     93U    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/FLO/floats.F90 
     94A    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/FLO/florst.F90 
     95U    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/FLO/flodom.F90 
     96U    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/FLO/flo4rk.F90 
     97U    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/ZDF/zdfric.F90 
     98A    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/DIA/diaharm.F90 
     99A    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/DIA/surdetermine.F90 
     100A    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/DIA/diadct.F90 
     101U    NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/step.F90 
     102U    NEMOGCM/NEMO/LIM_SRC_2/limistate_2.F90 
     103U    NEMOGCM/NEMO/LIM_SRC_2/iceini_2.F90 
     104C    NEMOGCM/NEMO/NST_SRC/agrif_opa_update.F90 
     108=== Testing === 
     109Testing could consider (where appropriate) other configurations in addition to NVTK]. 
     111||NVTK Tested||!'''YES/NO!'''|| 
     112||Other model configurations||!'''YES/NO!'''|| 
     113||Processor configurations tested||[ Enter processor configs tested here ]|| 
     114||If adding new functionality please confirm that the [[BR]]New code doesn't change results when it is switched off [[BR]]and !''works!'' when switched on||!'''YES/NO/NA!'''|| 
     116(Answering UNSURE is likely to generate further questions from reviewers.) 
     118'Please add further summary details here' 
     120 * Processor configurations tested 
     121 * etc---- 
     123=== Bit Comparability === 
     124||Does this change preserve answers in your tested standard configurations (to the last bit) ?||!'''YES/NO !'''|| 
     125||Does this change bit compare across various processor configurations. (1xM, Nx1 and MxN are recommended)||!'''YES/NO!'''|| 
     126||Is this change expected to preserve answers in all possible model configurations?||!'''YES/NO!'''|| 
     127||Is this change expected to preserve all diagnostics? [[BR]]!,,!''Preserving answers in model runs does not necessarily imply preserved diagnostics. !''||!'''YES/NO!'''|| 
     129If you answered !'''NO!''' to any of the above, please provide further details: 
     131 * Which routine(s) are causing the difference? 
     132 * Why the changes are not protected by a logical switch or new section-version 
     133 * What is needed to achieve regression with the previous model release (e.g. a regression branch, hand-edits etc). If this is not possible, explain why not. 
     134 * What do you expect to see occur in the test harness jobs? 
     135 * Which diagnostics have you altered and why have they changed?Please add details here........ 
     138=== System Changes === 
     139||Does your change alter namelists?||!'''YES/NO !'''|| 
     140||Does your change require a change in compiler options?||!'''YES/NO !'''|| 
     142If any of these apply, please document the changes required here....... 
     145=== Resources === 
     146!''Please !''summarize!'' any changes in runtime or memory use caused by this change......!'' 
     149=== IPR issues === 
     150||Has the code been wholly (100%) produced by NEMO developers staff working exclusively on NEMO?||!'''YES/ NO !'''|| 
     152If No: 
     154 * Identify the collaboration agreement details 
     155 * Ensure the code routine header is in accordance with the agreement, (Copyright/Redistribution etc).Add further details here if required..........