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Author : Christophe Calone ; Jennifer Simeon ; Christian Ethé ; Gurvan Madec

ticket : #1009 On-line coarsening of meshmask and ocean output

Branch : 2013/dev_r3411_CNRS4_IOCRS

On-line CoaRSening (CRS) of mesh mask and ocean output


  • Starting of Jennifer's work.
  • Every variables for the coarsening are define in crs module.
  • We work exclusively on a factor of degradation of 3.
  • Actually, the plan of coarsening is to define the first and last point on i and j on the parent grid on the which we make the coarsening for cross of the coarse grid correspondent. In the future we will just identify the first point for win time machine
  • For the scale factors coarsening e1 and e2 we have took the scale factor no coarsening who is in the middle of the coarsening cell that we multiply by 3.
  • For the scale factors coarsening e3 we have took the maximum of the e3 no coarsening in the coarsening cell.
  • In lbcnfd and lbcnlk some points was put at 0 and the north fold missed some points (earth points) so we have corrected this
  • A scale factors never be < 0 so we use the the "pval OPTIONAL" in lbc_lnk. we have put pval = 1 because the valor of scale factor on the south band et on the gost-halo is not important. The essential is scale factors are different of 0
  • To define the coarsening mask, we use dom_msk_crs define in crsdom module. The coarsening fmask is not necessarily just, but it is not using in biology model.
  • For corsen every fields we use crsfun_TW or crsfun_UV (there are in interface with crs_fun). The function used depend where the field is define ( grid U,V,W,T )
  • We have calculate the immediate kinetic energy, we was surprise on the arctic region because the immediate kinetic energy is hight and the means kinetic energy is very weak.
  • coarsening of BGC and sea-ice outputs ==⇒ to be done
  • we make a generic interface for crs_lbc_lnk
  • Modifications for the mpp :
  • We can't use the function "mpp_init" for define the variables nleit_crs, nldit_crs … So we calculate its in crs_dom_mpp that is in crsdom module
  • We have define mjs_crs mje_crs mie_crs mis_crs for every processor
  • Modifications of the borders of buckles CRS
  • Definition of new variables in the switch of grid

  • Define some global variables in local variables in lib_mpp

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