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Author :James While

ticket : #1327

Branch : dev_r4650_UKMO14.4_OBS_GENERAL_VINTERP


Vertical interpolation in OBS needs to upgraded to deal with complex vertical coordinate systems (such as s-coordinates) only z-coordinates are currently dealt with.

This is a fairly minor change that has no impact on model dynamics. My plan for testing is to run the standard NEMO SETTE tests and also a produce a run using the AMM North West Shelf s-coordinate configuration with some profile data to show that the new code produces sensible results.


Testing could consider (where appropriate) other configurations in addition to NVTK].

NVTK Tested'''YES'''
Other model configurations'''YES
Processor configurations tested[ Tested in SETTE tests ]
If adding new functionality please confirm that the
New code doesn't change results when it is switched off
and ''works'' when switched on
'''YES (results from SETTE tests agree exactly with tests using unaltered code)

(Answering UNSURE is likely to generate further questions from reviewers.)

The code has been ran for many years in the Met Office operational configurations (at Vn3.2 and Vn3.4).

  • Processor configurations tested

Bit Comparability

Does this change preserve answers in your tested standard configurations (to the last bit) ?'''YES '''
Does this change bit compare across various processor configurations. (1xM, Nx1 and MxN are recommended)'''YES
Is this change expected to preserve answers in all possible model configurations?'''YES
Is this change expected to preserve all diagnostics?
,,''Preserving answers in model runs does not necessarily imply preserved diagnostics. ''

If you answered '''NO''' to any of the above, please provide further details:

Observation operator code has been changed. This will not have changed the output from any model configration that uses z-coordinates, However, in the old code using the observation operator for profiles was not possible in s-coordinates (it would give nonsense results) and now is. This is entirely an improvement on the observation operator and as such is always turned on in s-coordinates. No other diagnostics have been affected.

System Changes

Does your change alter namelists?'''NO '''
Does your change require a change in compiler options?'''NO '''

If any of these apply, please document the changes required here…….


''No change for z-coordinate models. For s-coordinate models the observation operator will be slightly slower than for z-coordinate models; however, the change will be trivial

IPR issues

Has the code been wholly (100%) produced by NEMO developers staff working exclusively on NEMO?''' NO

If No:

The code has been developed as part of the NEMOVAR consortium.