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Author : Gurvan Madec

ticket : #1629

Branch : nemo_v3_6_STABLE


The documentation (both OPA and LIM3) of the v3.6_STABLE is out-of-date.

Developers should check that :

  • all the namelist variables are explained in the DOC, and are referenced in the doc index
  • all new or updated part of the code are explained in the documentation.


I. Namelist update

DONE ==⇒>> see revision 5890

  • update all the namelist of the documentation
  • addition of a script that allows an easy update of those namelist (thanks to françoise Pinsard)

II. OPA: Out-of-date item to be updated

DONE ==⇒>> see revision 6039 (gm) : TEOS10 - update of EOS documentation

DONE ==⇒>> see revision 6275 (gm) : update almost all ocean engine documentation as follow:

  • Biblio : addition of several papers.
  • Figures : remove Fig_obc_north.pdf
  • Chapters / Abstracts_Foreword : minor changes
  • Chapters / Annex_C : minor corrections in some of the equations
  • Chapters / Annex_D : update the Doctor convention for namelist (nn_, ln_, rn_ …) and add np_ as parameter
  • Chapters / Chap_DIA : update trends diagnostics, harmonic analysis, and transport across sections.
  • Chapters / Chap_DOM : minor changes
  • Chapters / Chap_DYN : add description of e3f choice in EEN scheme ; of time-splitting in vertical momentum advection ; description of external forcing ;
  • Chapters / Chap_LBC : update North fold b.c. ; “Exchange with neighbouring processors” section ; remove OBC description
  • Chapters / Chap_LDF, Chap_MISC : minor changes
  • Chapters / Chap_Model_Basics : numerous minor changes
  • Chapters / Chap_SBC : multiple changes associated with sfx and theremoval of emps, among other things
  • Chapters / Chap_TRA : multiple changes related to sfx, emps, etc…
  • Chapters / Chap_ZDF : add a TKE sub-section describing “Mixing just below the mixed layer” (netau staff) ; phase NPC presentation with the new algorithm.
  • Chapters / Introduction : minor changes + update of “what’s new from v2.4 to v3.6”

REMAINING TO BE DONE ==⇒>> Identified item that have to be updated are the following ones :

  • Chapters / Introduction : update "change between release" from v3.4 to v3.6 using . ==⇒>> gm: done see changeset 6324
  • Chapters / Chap_LDF : Smagorinsky documentation is missing and None of the Smagorinsky parameters (in namtra_ldf) are explained (rn_chsmag, rn_smsh…) =⇒ Andrew: done
  • Chapters / Chap_SBC :
    • (1) CORE bulk formulea: namsbc_core : missing the description of all rn_ and ln_ parameters ! =⇒ Simona: done
    • (2) ln_mixcpl description is missing as well as the capability to run ocean coupled to sas via oasis…. =⇒ LOCEAN
    • (3) runoff : ln_rnf_depth_ini missing and the other associated namelist parameters ; =⇒ Christian, done
    • (4) ISF : need to verify that all namelist parameter are described (for example ln_conserve, nn_gammablk are missing and no reference to namsbc_isf can be found in the text (missing a \ngn{namsbc\_isf} in the text)) =⇒ Tim ;
    • (5) missing of all specific namelist parameters (ln_taudif to rn_vfac) ; =⇒ Simona: done
    • (6) missing the description of 2 namelist parameter in SAS ;
  • Chapters / Chap_LBC : in BDY : missing the description of many namelist parameter and the whole description of tidal harmonic with BDY (see nambdy_tide) =⇒ Tim
  • Chapters / Chap_ZDF : bottom friction and log layer : ln_loglayer is not described. =⇒ Andrew: done
  • Chapters / Chap_STO : this chapter is empty… =⇒ P.-A. Boutier, done see changeset 6311

POSSIBLE UPDATE of the CODE itself ==⇒>> two strange things may be changed in the code itself:

  • OBC removed from the code, but surprisingly, the namobc still exist in mamelist_ref (and some namelist_cfg) whereas it is never read ! =⇒ Dorotea: done
  • remove emps array: emps appears whereas it is never used (except with an error (undefined array) in asminc.F90) =⇒ done: not in the code (rev 6303)

II. LIM-3.6 : Out-of-date item to be updated

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