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Author : Gurvan Madec

ticket : #1751

Branch : 2016/dev_r6711_SIMPLIF_6_aerobulk

WP2016 Action : SIMPLIF-6


Development branch related to Simplification / Enhancement of bulk formula in NEMO/OPA


Replacement of the current 3 bulk formula packages (sbcblk_core, sbcblk_clio, sbcblk_mfs) by a single generic package, aerobulk, developed by L. Brodeau.

The new package has a single interface (i.e. namelist namsbc_blk) that gives access to the three following bulk formula:

  • COARE algorithm version 3 (Fairall et al. 2003) and version 3.5 (Edson et al. 2013)
  • NCAR algorithm (Large & Yeager 2004, 2008) (the so-called CORE bulk formula)
  • ECMWF algorithm


  • CLIO bulk formula is removed from the system
  • CORE bulk formula is renamed NCAR bulk formulea
  • COARE and ECMWF are two newly introduced bulk formula in NEMO
  • ECMWF bulk are recommended bulk when using ERA input atmospheric data


STEP 1 :

Start from trunk at revision r6711 and from Laurent Brodeau' Aerobulk package adapted to NEMO.

svn co svn:// 

and simply follows the instruction given in "NEMOGCM_trunk/changes.txt" :

sbcblk_core => sbcblk

remove mfs and clio !

sbcmod: rm CLIO, MFS
     ln_blk_core => ln_blk
     jp_core => jp_blk
namsbc: remove ln_blk_clio and ln_blk_mfs, change ln_blk_core to ln_blk
namsbc_core => namsbc_blk

More precisely :

In SBC directory,

  • remove sbcblk_core, sbcblk_clio, and sbcblk_mfs
  • add sbcblk.F90 from NEMOGCM_trunk/SBC
  • add sbcblk_algo_coare, …_coare3p5, …_ecmwf, and …_ncar  from NEMOGCM_trunk/SBC
  • sbcmod.F90 : update from the one found in NEMOGCM_trunk/SBC
  • sbcice _cice, _lim_2, and _lim .F90  : mostly replace ln_blk_core by ln_blk
  • sbc_oce.F90 : update from the one found in NEMOGCM_trunk/SBC
  • cyclone.F90 : comment changes only
  • sbcwave.F90 : mostly replace ln_blk_core by ln_blk

In DIU directory,

  • cool_skin.F90 : style + replace ln_blk_core by ln_blk
  • step_diu.F90 : idem


  • Namelist_ref :


  • add 3 logical replacing the test : nn_components == jp_iam_nemo, jp_iam_opa, and jp_iam_sas (used in fldread.F90, sbccpl.F90, and sbcmod.F90), which declaration should be in abc_oce.F90