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Sensitivity experiments performed with LIM 2.0 && Last tag nemo_v3_2

Abstract for the simulations performed over 10/500 or 1000 years (last ones are the first presented):

  • IM5_01? :
    Based on the last tag nemo_v3_2.
    This experiment is close to the N_PHC57_38 one (2000 years simulated) (based on nemo_v3_1) since it takes into account
    the synoptic wind module variability (SWMV here after) for the TKE penetration BUT the way forcing fields are used differ;
    wind stress like component ||U||.u & ||U||.v & ||U|| are not used here.
    The only differrences are:
     * the change of sea water density from 1020 kg/m3 to 1035 kg/m3 [[Color(white, red, What is the impact of such a modification ?)]]
     * the way the SWMV is sligthly different since the treshold is applied only for the part of TKE which penetrates into sub-surface. The surface
    boundary condition of TKE is the full SWMV strength.
     * the Sound strait scale factor has been decreased form 15 km to 10 km
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