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ORCA2_LIM reference runs

A - Purposes:

Document the changes from ORCA2-LIM based on OPA8.2 and ORCA2-LIM base on last NEMO version
Key changes to be documented:

# Existing one :

  • partial step representation of bottom topography
  • updated TKE physics (surface/internal wave breaking)
  • new sea-ice component (LIM-3)

# Existing but not included in NEMO trunk :

  • Kz tides including ITF specific formulation (Laurent & Ariane PhD)
  • mesoscale eddy parametrisation : added in momentum equations (Aiki) (Claude/Gurvan? Japan)
  • 3 band light penetration (RGB) (Sebastian Japan)
  • Ocean color used to specified time-space varying light penetration (Sebastian Japan)
  • Diurnal cycle on qsr (from daily mean value) (Sebastian Japan)

# Forth coming one :

  • mesoscale eddy parametrisation : Griffies scheme + Visbeck coefficient (Met Office?, NOCS)
  • npc reactivation (Claude/Gurvan?)
  • conservative leap-frog (Matthieu)
  • vvl + conservative leap-frog (Matthieu)

B - Agenda:

C - To do list/ Remaining Questions:

  • check climatological CORE bulk forcing fields computed during 1st and 2nd year
  • do moficiation to perfom annual mean outputs except the last year
  • check with Martin that all ice parameters for LIM 3.0 are the best one for ORCA2_LIM.

Questions to solve when setting the control simulation:

  • What are we doing with runoffs ? which climatology ?
  • freswater budget, annual correction ? other
  • Do we take into account the ice melting of Greenland and Antarctic into runoffs directly ?
  • advection scheme to use ?