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Tree of IGCM00 directory

List and description of files and directory in modipsl/config/ORCA2_LIM/IGCM00 directory

  • config.card

contains all parameters to set :
Job name
Experience duration
Restart frequency ( variable PeriodLenght )
Number of processors
Boudary Conditions directory ( variable R_BC )
Restart setting for an experience already run
Post processing settings ( chapter "Post" )
Write frequency ( for "OCE" ocean component and "ICE" ice component )

  • Job_name

contains all job parameters, in which you can set how many runs you want to do in a PeriodLenght ( variable PeriodNb )

  • run.card.init

is a file that generate run.card file in which you can see at real time steps of job : all years already run, status of job.

  • COMP directory contains :

contains all card and driver file for each component
component ocean ( in config.card opa9 ) : opa9.card, opa9.driver
component ice ( in config.card lim2 ) : lim2.card, lim2.driver

opa9.card : in which you can set :
number of time step ( variable OPA_NDT_DAY )
version of nemo tag, to have forcing files in common account ( variable OPA_version )
list of boundary files if you need to add someone ( chapter BoundaryFiles )
list of output text file ( variable OutputText )
list of time series ( variable TimeSeriesVars)

opa9.driver : in which you can set :
some parameters of namelist

  • PARAM directory contains :

for ocean component : namelist for ice component (lim2) : namelist_ice_lim2 or for ice component (lim3) : namelist_ice_lim3

namelist : in which you can set, for example, :
ln_mskland : to have white continents ln_diaptr : to use diaptr.F90 routine ln_diaznl : to activate ZNL atlas ln_subbas : to